I've slept with 50 men

November 05, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am only 22 years old and I have slept with more than 50 men.

No one stays with me for too long. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I have tried everything in the book (when it comes to sex).

I want to settle down and get married but I don't see that happening soon because after they have sex with me on the first night, they're gone.

Right now, I do not have a serious boyfriend that I can call my own, but I am having sex with three different guys. They live with their women, so this is nothing serious.

My friends and family don't know I am like this. The men that I am having sex with think that I am innocent. I am a very attractive young woman.

I am what men consider sexy and I am very seductive. I guess they only look at me that way but I want to be seen as more than that.

I need your help. Pastor, please tell me what to do.


Dear A.B.,

I am not here to condemn you. You don't want condemnation. You don't want anybody to cry shame on you and to call you unflattering names. You are crying out for help.

You would love to settle down with one man, and I do understand your desire. But something is basically wrong.

You said in the first paragraph in your letter that after these men have sex with you for a night, they are gone. Perhaps they are scared of you. Perhaps you do weird things.

They don't consider you to be a very good girl. You are not claiming to be a good girl but you are crying out for help.

I want you to know that you can become seriously ill if you continue to practise this type of lifestyle. I know that you are aware of that. I am just wondering whether you go after men for the thrill of it or because you do not wish to work, or you find out that that is an easier way to earn a living.

One of the reasons I do not wish to be hard on you is because I believe that you are genuinely seeking help. I am willing to send you the name of a Christian psychologist who would sit with you and try to help you.

He will spend time to listen to you. If you prefer to speak to a female psychologist, I can arrange for you to see her instead.

My prayers are with you. Please don't condemn yourself. Read your Bible, especially John, chapter four. Pray and ask God to deliver you. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible.


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