Eager to find my old friend


July 18, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am asking you to please help me. I am a 72-year-old woman, and I would like to find a friend and to spend either a day or a weekend with him. This man is 74 years old and we have been friends from schooldays. He was my best friend from schooldays. We used to have lunch together. We walked to and from school together. He was my first sexual partner. We had sex under an apple tree for the first time.

It so happened that this man left the rural area and went to Kingston to work with a Government service until he retired 2002. His mother and I shared the same birth month. His mother died in 1982. His wife also died October 2014.

I have six children, but none belong to him. Their father died in 1993. I would like this schoolmate of mine to contact me, so that we can spend a little time together again before death. I am living in the same district but not the same house.


Dear D.T.,

Your letter is very interesting. Without a doubt this man meant a lot to you. And although he got married and had his children, and you have had your own children, the deep love that you have for this man has remained in your heart.

Now that his wife has died and your children's father has also died, you want to meet this man again. It would be the joy of your heart to spend a little time with him, according to what you have written. I hope he would see the letter you have written. You should have given your number. I would not have published it, but at least I would be in a position to give the man so he would be able to contact you easily.

Anyway, you say that you are in the same district, but not in the same house, so both of you should be able to get together and "spend a little time together again before death."

I wish you well.


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