Mom allowed my stepdad to abuse me


July 18, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am writing you this letter because I am suffering. My suffering started through my family. My father left my mother when I was a child and got married to a woman in the same district where we lived. My mother found another man, and this man took advantage of me. I was unable to attend school.

I started to steal to send myself to school, and I was arrested and kept in jail. One day, my teacher took away some money from me and my stepfather was the first to go to the school for the money. When I was about to leave primary school, he didn't want to allow me to graduate. I was the worst child in school. I started to attend high school, but this man continued to beat me, and he locked me out of the house. I had to sleep at my church and at my school. I went to report him at the police station, but they did not do anything to help me, so the abuse continued.

I had to go and live with a lady to try to be somebody. I tried to get my mother's love, but I could not succeed. She was bitter, and the devil was in her. She didn't have any love in her heart for me. When I started to have children, she hated my kids, and she encouraged her other kids to abuse them. She allowed her children to beat my children and put them out on the streets. She said my children didn't have any manners. She talks a lot of dirty things about my life. I am tired of the bad life that I am living because of my mother and other family members, and all of them go to church.

My mother loves money. That is why, from the beginning, she allowed me to have boyfriends. I was only 13 years old when I started to have boyfriends and sex.


Dear S.R.,

I regret hearing that you were abused from the time you were a child. Your father was an irresponsible man. He left your mother and got involved with another woman and ignored his family. But, your stepfather was even worse. He physically abused you, and your mother did not stand up for you. It was unfortunate that you started to steal to try to send yourself to school.

You come from a dysfunctional family. There was no love at all. You didn't experience love from your mother or your biological father, and your stepfather was extremely wicked. Neither of them believes in education.

In today's world, anybody who does not have an education is in big trouble. You did not say how many children you have, but evidently there is war between your children and your siblings. May God have mercy on you, and may God provide for you.


I consider your mother an ungodly woman. I do agree with you that she has not shown you love. She gave you permission to use your body to earn money with men when you were just 13 years old. She should have been arrested and charged with child abuse. How can a mother allow a stepfather to lock the doors so that her child cannot get in, And her only alternative was to sleep at her school and church?

You say that everybody in the family attends church, but I wish for them to repent and turn to God and change their attitude towards you. You sent me an address, but you did not send me the number of your street. Your address is too vague. I can't even ask anybody to assist you because they will not be able to find you.

I suggest that you contact Food for the Poor for assistance. If you would send me the number and address of persons who know you, we will investigate and try to help you. I will ask the women of my church (First Baptist Church) to contact you and to see how they may help.


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