Nephew hit me when I told him to leave my property


July 20, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column, and I admire the work that you have been doing. This is my first time writing to you. My nephew came to spend time with me in 2007. I did not know that he was an alcoholic. I did everything for him during his stay. I washed, cooked and cleaned for him. He left after a while, but then he had a falling out with his landlord and he came back to stay with me.

I did not want him to stay in the house with me anymore, so I gave him my shop to stay for the time. I gave him a mango tree to cut down, to build a little one-room, as my house was leaking and I needed the shop to repair the damage. He lost the key to the shop, and he had to tear down the shop to get in. I called my neighbour the next morning to show him what he did.

I have tried to take down the shop, but he acted in a violent way. He hit me because he doesn't want to come out. I have been living on the land from 1981 until this day. I have written letters to his mother, but she has not responded to me. My nephew physically abused me when I tried to take possession of the shop.

I cannot see out of one of my eyes, so I can hardly take care of myself. I went to report it at the police station. They told me to get a valuator to write up a notice, and I have done that from January 24, 2018. I brought it back to the station in order for them to serve a summons to him, but he has been hiding ever since. I am asking if anyone who knows 'Sister P', please tell her to come and get her son.

My house is in a terrible condition, and he does not want anyone to come here to take care of me. They are afraid of him. Please, I am asking you to pray for me. Strangers have been taking care of me because I am unable to take care of myself. My nephew won't leave my shop so that I can get to fix my house. He has four daughters, and I know he would not want anyone to box them. I cannot repeat the words that he said to me.

I did not call the police because he is my sister's child, but they did not pay me any mind when I told them what he did. I had to work in a cane piece to build my shop. I cleaned dog faeces and raised pigs to build my little place. When hurricane Gilbert came and destroyed my house, I had to fix it without the help of my kids. I live on my own, as my kids want to do as they like and I would not put up with it.

I have to be staying at my friend's home as my nephew is running me off my land. He does not want me to stay there.


Dear writer,

When your nephew physically abused you, you did not call the police because you did not want him to be arrested. That was the mistake you made. Now, you are trying to get him off your property, and you have not been successful. This man has totally taken over what you have.

He is out of order and you should take him to court. You say that you have children and they have not been assisting you. That is rather unfortunate. You don't have a good relationship with them from the tone of your letter.

You believe that they were disobedient to you, so you did not want them around you. I do not believe that you are handling the problem between you and your nephew in the right way. I cannot understand why the police have not been able to advice you appropriately.

I suggest, therefore, that you discuss your problems with a justice of the peace in your area. Your minister should be able to assist you, so if you are a member of a church, you should discuss the matter with the minister and the leaders of the church and let them know your predicament and ask them to help you to help get your nephew out of your house and shop.

It may mean that they would have to help you retain a lawyer who would represent you in court.


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