Leaving my worthless husband


August 11, 2018

Dear Pastor,

My husband and I have been together for 11 years. We got married eight years ago. My husband leaves everything for me to do in the house.

He does not want to pay the bills or help to send our son to school. He is so worthless, and when I talk to him, he curses me.

Once in a blue moon, he gives me $5,000, and whenever he gives me that amount of money, I have to pay bills and buy food out of it, so it's like I didn't get any money.

All he does is gamble and buy car parts. I blame myself because I keep going back to him. We broke up twice already. We have a son together, but I had a daughter before we met.

He hates my daughter, so I don't allow my daughter to live with us. Now I am moving out and filing for a divorce.

This is the last time I am allowing a man to tell me to leave. I am a working woman. I don't believe in depending on man for anything.

My husband is 'dark' and illiterate. He shouts everything out for the neighbours to hear.

My relatives told me not to marry him because he didn't seem to be ambitious, which has proven to be true, but sometimes we women allow our hearts to rule us.

I could have been with a lawyer, but I chose a taxi man.


Dear T.H.

You are making assertions that it is because this man is a taxi man why he doesn't have any ambition.

No, madam, it is not the work that he is doing that causes him to ill-treat you or to lack ambition.

Ambition is something that comes from within. This man is a brute. He lacks good character.

There are good taxi men around. They respect their women and provide for them. Some are educated and have built good families.

They have sent their children to school. Yes, they have educated them. But there are others who are just like your husband.

You said you could have married a lawyer. Perhaps you were not really in love with the lawyer. You thought you were in love with the taxi man.

There are some lawyers who are thugs, so a man being a lawyer does not make him a respectable individual.

Thank God for the good lawyers who have made Jamaica proud. Unfortunately, like in all professions, there are some who have brought shame upon themselves.

When this man expressed that he doesn't love your daughter and was refusing to support the home, you should have brought an end to this marriage.

So, I hope that the divorce willl go through smoothly. You have nothing to lose in leaving him.


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