Husband cheats whenever I visit my grandkids


August 15, 2018
Senior couple

Dear Pastor,

I am a foreigner living in Jamaica. I have heard you many times and your show is hilarious. I look forward to hearing you every night. You have some wonderful callers. You keep my company, as my husband is always out working late. I do have a problem that I want to share with you. Although I enjoy Jamaica, I miss my family abroad, and I miss playing with my grandchildren.

My husband tells me I can visit them at anytime, and I have done so. But every time I go away, and even if it is a short time, when I return I am told that my husband was running wild with young girls.

I asked him, but he will never admit it, and I love him too much to put him into the doghouse. Some time ago my phone rang, and when I answered it, it was the voice of a woman and she said, "Oh, you are back indeed. "Why don't you leave my man alone?," I said, "Who is this?" And then the person hung up.

I don't interfere with anybody. I treat my husband well. He tells me that I should stop listening to what people say, but it is not just what people say that bothers me. I have found condoms in the car, and we don't use condoms. I asked him why condoms were there, and he said he took the car to the garage and it's the mechanic who put them there. I knew that was a big lie. I would not ask the mechanic because that will cause my husband to be embarrassed.

My husband is 60 years old and I am 55 years old. I am fit and he is fit, too fit for his age. I do not want to be disrespectful to you, pastor. But my husband will run some of these young men out of steam. He has made love to me for over an hour many times. And when I say made love, I mean he has had sex with me for a long time in one night. When he was finished, I had no use for myself but to sleep. I know it is the men who sleep after sex, but I am telling you that is how he is at 60 years old.

I was married before I met this man. This is my second marriage. My first husband was younger than I, and he ran out of steam in less than half an hour, but not this Jamaican man. What is it that's in the Jamaican men that can make them go on and on? I would really like to know.

I am using this media to tell these girls who come around when I am not in Jamaica that I have no intention of leaving my man. So I want them to back off and leave him alone.

Keep up your marvellous work.


Dear C.T,

Evidently, your husband is very strong. You are complaining that he plays around with other women whenever you go abroad. He denies it, but you seem not to believe him, and you have to be careful that those who are taking news to you about him are doing so because they want you to pack up and go back to where you are from so that they can have your husband permanently. You do not know for sure whether they are speaking the truth. Your husband says nothing is like that. Wouldn't it be better to believe your husband until you have proof that he is cheating? The type of telephone call that you said you have received is not proof that he is cheating. Many women have used that strategy to try to take away men from their wives.


If your husband is guilty of what you have said, then you may consider him as a 'hot rod', but the man is 60 years old. How much more can he do? His body evidently is in good shape, if he can make love to you for one hour non-stop. Perhaps you need to congratulate him. And perhaps I should ask what in the world are you feeding this man with? Many guys would be very eager to know what he is using.

But seriously, madam, don't listen to these people who are bringing news to you. If you were sure of one person your husband has been fooling around with, you would have mentioned it to me in your letter. You should not be careless, but at the same time, you should realise that a man doesn't have to do anything for women to like him, especially if these women are convinced that the men are good men and that they can give them money.

Your husband has not explained how the condoms got into his car. I believe he is lying on the mechanic. But if they belong to him, he would make another mistake.

Go on your trips to see your grandchildren and other relatives, and encourage your husband to go with you if he can. I must say to you that if your husband wants to be bad, he will be bad. Remaining in Jamaica cannot prevent him from being bad.

I am glad that you enjoy the 'Dear Pastor Show' at nights and also that you enjoy reading my column. Now, you take good care of yourself.

Evidently, you are feeding your husband with a balanced meal and he is getting the appropriate rest, and both of you enjoy each other.

I wish you many more years together.


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