Wife wants to return after leaving me for another man


September 01, 2018

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you in the name of the Most High. My wife and I have been separated for eight months now, and I don't see us getting back together in the future. This happened when she went on a weekend trip with one of her best friends. Upon her return, I noticed that there was a distance occurring between us, so I decided to ask her if there was a problem with us that I didn't know about. And that is when she told me that she had no feelings for me anymore. I didn't see it coming after seven years of marriage.

I tried to get to the bottom of things, but she was not giving me any information. So I left the house one month after. I was ill and that made matters worse. After moving, I told her that we should sign the divorce papers so that we won't have the burden of each other carrying around. She declined that option, saying that she just wanted to separate for a while. I assured her that when she's ready, I will not be available, so since she has no more feelings for me, let's do it the correct way and get it over with.

I told her that she can still keep my life insurance policy, and I gave her the same option for my RRSP, plus she has my work insurance with full benefits up to this day. She still won't sign the papers, hoping that one day we will get back together.

Now fast-forward to this day, she showed up at my place telling me to forgive her because she made a very huge mistake. She is now telling me that it was her friend's idea for her to separate from me so that she can date her husband's friend. I asked her why she never gave her friend the option to leave her husband for my friend instead. This is a woman who is in her 20s influencing a woman who is 30.

I can't see myself getting back with this woman, and I don't want to spend unnecessary money to retain a lawyer to apply for a divorce. I'm asking you please for your advice and to tell me which road I should take because this is affecting me in every way. I even drop out of university just because the pressure is too great.

I'm patiently awaiting your response. God bless you and your team. Regards.

Humble Soul

Dear Humble Soul,

I understand what you are saying, and if it is your wish to divorce this woman, you should be prepared to retain a lawyer and proceed with this matter according to law. It is not a matter of just signing a paper. So, get yourself a lawyer who would give you guidance on this matter. If you need help in knowing to whom you should go, give me a call and I would make suggestions to you.


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