My girlfriend and her mom believe in obeah


September 05, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem and I thought of asking you for your advice. I am trying to be a Christian. I am 25 years old.

Before I decided to change my life, I got involved with a girl and we were living together. I had other girlfriends with her, but I loved her more than the others.

She started to come to church with me. I went to the pastor and asked him if he would marry us and he agreed. Then my girlfriend started to do some things that I didn't like.

She said that she has been having dreams that people don't like her.

One day she told me that her mother had a dream that one of my old girlfriends is going to kill her.

Her mother came to the house while I was at work and she sprinkled the house with some stinking ointments. She said the house was haunted by evil spirits, so she was trying to 'run' them.

I couldn't sleep in my room that night. I was so upset. She said since she was here, she can even feel the evil spirits.

She also gave my girlfriend some oil to rub up at nights when she is going to bed. I told my girlfriend not to use the oil because by just smelling the oil, it made me sick.

My girlfriend rubbed her arms and legs and I had to ask her to go and take a shower. She didn't want to go and I told her that if she didn't wash up herself, I would go and sleep at my cousin's house, which was not far away.

She went to the bathroom and showered because, according to her, she wouldn't stay in this haunted house. She wants us to move from the house.

We are paying $30,000 per month for this two-bedroom place and she wants us to go and rent somewhere that is more expensive.


I told her that doesn't make any sense and if her mother drove out the evil spirits, why should we leave?

Suddenly, my girlfriend does not want to stay at the house. She wants to go be with her mother.

Pastor, I did not know that my girlfriend's mother believes in obeah. She came to the house early one Sunday morning and wet up the veranda and sprinkled water on the doors and acted like a madwoman.

I told her to leave and not to come back. And my girlfriend said if she couldn't come back, she would leave too. I told her she could go.

She left. Now, she is begging me to allow her to come back. What do you think I should do?


Dear K.L.,

I suggest that you stand your ground. Do not take back this girl to be your lover. She is following the advice of her mother, and if you do marry her, you are going to regret doing so.

Her mother doesn't have any respect for you. Her mother is behaving as if she has a man somewhere around the corner for her. I doubt she has. But it is evident that she is a fanatic.

I can't imagine a woman would come to your house and anoint the house with stinking ointments.

For your woman to tell you that it is to run away evil spirits, both mother and daughter are crazy. How is it that evil spirits have suddenly taken over your house? You are right to tell your woman's mother not to come back.

The rent you are paying is quite heavy and for you to take on another place and pay more rent is outrageous. Don't bother with the marriage; tell the pastor the relationship is over.

Don't allow anyone to pressure you to marry this woman. Give yourself time. You will find another woman. Even if this woman begs you pardon for siding with her mother, don't budge.

Let her go her way. Any woman who is all mixed up with spiritism is not a good woman. Keep away from that.


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