Farmer carries crocus bag as luggage through airport

January 13, 2017

Would you carry a crocus bag to the airport, or travel overseas with it as a piece of luggage? Delroy Renton, a farmer from Cornwall, St Elizabeth, had no qualms about doing so.

The 42-year-old Rastafarian told THE STAR that having purchased a few bushels of peanuts in his hometown, he felt compelled to take some of the produce with him to the United States of America to share with family and friends.

And using a suitcase was not on his mind. He used a crocus bag.

"Me a Jamaican and me like fi move like a Jamaican. Only a Jamaican you would see wid dem bag deh a travel," Renton, who also goes by the name Rastafarian Soldier, said.

"Man a real man. Me nuh embarrass fi mek yuh see seh man a country man and man a farmer," he added.

He told THE STAR that he sees nothing wrong with bag even though people attempted to 'clown' him. 

Renton said that when he landed at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport Friday afternoon, a custom officer ate some of his peanuts. He, however, said that the experience was not all warm.

"When me land di people dem a look pon me like me have two head," he recalled.

He said that having cleared customs, he was unable to get a ride to his mother's house.

"When me reach up and a call me sister, me caah get nuh ride," he said.

He said that he saw a bicycle outside, which he believes was left there by a relative for him, and rode home with the crocus bag of peanuts.

"A man almost lick me off a di bicycle wid di peanut pon di front of the bicycle," he added.