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January 13, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.


BEAUTIFUL: Bill and Katie played nice for Will's sake as she prodded him about his relationship status with Brooke. Wyatt drank a bottle of tequila to cope with his heartbreak. Ridge assured Brooke that when she returned from her trip, Quinn would be gone and they could finally get married. Wyatt attempted to get Steffy to realise how much he loved and supported her much more than Liam did.

Eric sent Ridge and Quinn on a trip to San Francisco for a design symposium. Thomas returned from New York only to learn that his sister Steffy was now his boss. Tensions rose between Wyatt and Liam as Steffy discussed her future living situation with Thomas in their presence. Quinn was emotionally touched by the accolades that Ridge gave her publicly at the symposium.

Watch For: A frustrated lover issues an ultimatum. Old friends bond over their opinions about their significant others. A manipulative scheme is foiled.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hattie, increasingly fearful for Hope's safety, made a bold move. The search for Stefano continued. Jennifer told Thomas stories about the Horton family. Chad and Abigail attempted to reconnect during a night out. Ciara learnt that Hope broke out of prison. Carrie and Austin showed up just in time to get Marlena out of a tough situation. Deimos took Nicole out for a romantic evening. Eduardo informed Dario about the missing device and how he believed that Kate took it.

Gabi was curious when she received a call from JJ asking to meet. Brady had an unexpected reaction to Nicole and Deimos' news. Chloe awakened from her coma.

Watch For: Nicole and Chloe are appalled when they overhear Deimos making a deadly threat. Valerie offers advice when Claire and Theo have to deal with online troubles. Justin helps Adrienne through a tough time.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason's alliance with Curtis hit a snag. Sam was suspicious of Ava. Franco and Scott teamed up. Julian gave Alexis an ultimatum. Nelle got in over her head. Kiki agreed to keep Franco's secret. Alexis struggled with her sobriety. Maxie and Nathan set out to find Claudette. Liz questioned her influence on Franco.

Nathan and Maxie returned with bad news. Lulu was ready for Charlotte to learn the truth. Franco found himself in trouble. Alexis sought the support she needed. Lulu and Dante met with Valentin. Finn hid a dangerous secret. Maxie saw a familiar face. Rudge ordered a hit. Nelle had second thoughts. Jason and Sam had a pregnancy scare. Sonny confessed his sins.

Watch For: Anna's memories become more vivid. Julian receives a threat that hits close to home. Jordan goes against AndrE's wishes.


RESTLESS: Lauren was not amused when Gloria offered to help solve her business problems. Meanwhile, Jack told Ashley that he was determined to make a move on Fenmore's. Nikki was grateful that Victor was spending more time with family. Jack was shocked to learn that Lauren had hired Phyllis. Nick was overwhelmed with Christian and wasn't sure he could ever get over Sharon's deception.

Ashley accused Phyllis of stopping by Jabot just so she could run into Jack. Victor was thrilled that Faith was doing so well since moving in with him and Nikki. Ashley moved Ravi into Phyllis's old office. Nikki helped an overwhelmed Nick by hiring a nanny to help with little Christian.

Watch For: Dylan's life is on the line. Devon learns the truth. Lily revisits her past.