Weird News


January 14, 2017

A Detroit-area man has been ticketed for leaving a vehicle running unattended in his driveway as he warmed it up.

Nick Taylor, of Roseville, said the incident happened on a chilly morning earlier this month. He said he went inside his home and left his car running for about five minutes. When he went back outside, he had received a $125 fine for a local ordinance violation of leaving a motor vehicle unattended.

"Every person warms up their car," Taylor said. "We live in Michigan!"

Taylor posted a photo of the ticket on Facebook. The post has been shared more than 6,000 times and garnered more than 5,000 comments.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin is standing by the officer who issued the ticket, saying it's a public-safety issue because a thief could have easily taken the car.

"A thief can just open the door, and off they go" if a car is running and doesn't have a remote start system, Berlin said. "They typically flee the area at a high rate of speed, we have to chase, and that puts motorists and pedestrians at risk."

He said that a ticket for leaving a vehicle unattended is "fairly common," but that the city does not monitor how many it issues.

Taylor is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Police say a man bun helped people in one Pittsburgh neighbourhood identify the man who was vandalising their cars.

WTAE-TV reports that 22-year-old Isaac Gettleman is facing 36 counts of criminal mischief.

Police say various surveillance cameras captured images of a man wearing his hair in a bun while kicking the sides of cars and jumping on their side-view mirrors on the city's South Side.

Gettleman lives in the same neighbourhood, which led fellow resident Erin Catalina to wonder, "What motivates someone to do that, I have no idea." She was referring to the vandalism, not Gettleman's hairstyle.

Online court records don't list an attorney for Gettleman. The Associated Press couldn't immediately find a listed phone number for him.

He faces a preliminary hearing January 18.

While residents may not be revelling in the recent frosty weather, some animals seem delighted by the snow in a recent Oregon Zoo video.

The Wednesday snowfall seemed to delight Nora, the polar bear, as the video shows her rolling back and forth in the thick white powder. Two seals slide around in the slush, an otter grabs a snack in the snow even an elephant joins in on the fun.

The video had been viewed on Facebook more than nine million times, and Oregon Zoo spokeswoman Sara Hottman said feedback has been positive.

She said locals who aren't used to the snow love to see their community zoo animals enjoying it.

Almost a foot of snow fell in downtown Portland on Tuesday and Wednesday, making it one of the biggest snowstorms in its history.

Wanted, part-time: A hermit. Experience not necessary.

Municipal and Roman Catholic church officials in the Austrian town of Saalfelden are looking for someone to live in a nearby hermitage built into steep cliffs characteristic of the Salzburg region.

But a second job is advisable. The parish website says the position is unpaid. And because it's unheated and without running water, the hermitage is inhabitable only between April and November.

State broadcaster ORF on Thursday cited cleric Alois Moser as saying the search is on for "a person at peace with himself." Moser says the successful candidate also should have a Christian outlook and be ready to greet visiting pilgrims.

The more than 350-year-old building has been uninhabited since a Benedictine monk left in the fall.