January 16, 2017

A woman responded to a man's request for a naked selfie by sending him pictures of cooked chicken fillets.

Leona Loir was matched with Alex Kent on the dating app Tinder. But when her potential beau asked her to send him some explicit pictures of her body, she decided to reply in a humorous way, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Leona sent pictures of a variety of meaty limbs, including chicken thighs and breasts with the message "AM I JUICY ENOUGH FOR YOU? (sic)."

The witty love-seeker took the conversation public and posted it on the website Imgur to name and shame the male.

Alongside the post, she wrote: "How to react when someone asks you to send nudes (sic)."

A woman's pet turkey asks for facials and

massages in return for 'turkey kisses'.

A 37-year-old woman named Jodie Smalley has likened the animal, named Easter who is approximately three years old to a small child who likes to be ''preened'' and receive a lot of pampering as she waddles around in a nappy, although she also relied on the winged creature for ''emotional support''.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about her fluffy friend, she said: "Like a toddler, she's sweet, innocent and heart-warming. She makes a variety of adorable chirps, peeps and warbles.

"She comes to me to give turkey kisses, and to be preened and massaged. She sits in my lap or sleeps next to my bed."

And Jodie has revealed that Easter has accompanied her to counselling sessions and on a number of trips across the globe.

She continued: "Easter probably has more miles under her wing than any turkey alive. She's travelled by car, plane and boat.

"Easter is my companion. I try to take her wherever I can. She accompanies me to counselling appointments, hangs out in the kitchen while I cook or we just sit together while I preen her feathers or read.

"Most importantly, she's been there during some of the most emotional times in my life."

Property buyers have been offered three per cent off of their housing price if they choose door number 13, according to housing website Zoopla.

The search portal calculated homes with the supposedly unlucky number are almost PS10,000 cheaper than the average UK accommodation.

The calculations come after a survey was released, on Friday, which proved almost a third of homeowners let superstition take hold of them, and they would be less inclined to buy a home with the digits on their humble abode.

Lawrence Hall, spokesman for Zoopla, said: "While superstitions might weigh heavily on the minds of some, in a year with not one, but two Friday 13ths the second of which will be in October there could be a real opportunity for those not suffering from triskaidekaphobia to secure a property bargain."

The survey also concluded a quarter of buyers are also less likely to buy, exchange or move into a property on Friday 13, with some believing the superstitious date could bring bad luck.

A surfer has turned his water talents into helping dogs surf with their owners.

Chris De Aboitiz, nicknamed the Australian dog whisperer, has been teaching those to surf for 15 years, but has made his job more interesting by allowing 'pet parents' to bring their pooches on board with them so he can combine his talents.

He said: "It's combining what we love to do; we love dogs, we love the water and we love to teach.

"We teach people to better understand their dogS and their dogs' behaviour through having fun."

He also insisted that his new method is organic and helps dogs to bond with their owners, as he teaches the pets discipline at the same time.

He told "Educating people to better understand their dogs and have a happy balance with them (is the goal)."