Weird news


January 19, 2017

A mum has slammed her daughter's teacher who told the child to go on a date as her assignment.

Jenn Oxborrow was appalled by the $5 date homework given to the 16-year-old girl at a US school, which told girls to "dress feminine", "eat the food they order" and "don't fish for compliments" as part of their task.

According to The Daily Record, the furious mother posted the picture of the homework sheet on Facebook.

Alongside it, she wrote: "My 11th grade AP honours student's homework: 'go on a date!' With a boy. And follow his suggestions don't correct his personal habits, don't waste his money, and show him respect. Thanks for educating our kids, Utah Department of Education. We really appreciate your evidence-based misogyny (sic)."

The opinions on the post have since divided among Facebook users, with one user named Nancy Jean saying she thinks it is a "great idea."

She wrote: "I think this is great! It's just common sense! I'm going to share it with my granddaughters!"

While another user named Samantha Dunn wrote: "Uhhh, this is disgusting. (sic)"

A man has claimed that Cadbury stole his Oreo Creme Egg idea.

Nick Allam allegedly sent a picture of his self-made chocolate treat to the confectionery company's press office in 2015 telling them to "make this" as he believed his snack was the next best thing.

The 29-year-old from Somerset, southwest England, later received a response from the company's PR team stating they would, 'Be sure to put that to our product team'.

They claimed they had forgotten about the idea, but recently discovered that the company had created sickly treat.

And while Nick was "annoyed" that they had gone ahead and made it without them, he doesn't want any money, just simply an acknowledgement.

According to the Metro newspaper, he said: "I was lying in bed on Thursday night looking at my phone, and I noticed it come up on social media.

"I thought, 'hang on I've seen this before.' "I retweeted [Cadbury] my original tweet which I sent in 2015, but so far I haven't heard anything back.

A Cadbury spokesperson said: "While Nick wowed us with his imagination, as this isn't a UK product it's very unlikely to be his invention."

A family is desperate for answers after they captured a ghostly figure on the lawn of their new home.

A user on Imgur who uses the handle 'MeTarzanYouJane' shared two photographs on the site in a bid to seek answers after they captured a bizarre speck while there was a full moon.

In the post in which the user asks for "FOR SERIOUS IDEAS ONLY", they said: "The time frame between the two photos was approximately two seconds. What interested me is neither of these family members have heard of Photoshop, much less used it.

"Things I have noticed that intrigue me: it appears to be on two hind legs, it produces a shadow in comparison to the first photo, and it is mostly opaque besides it's what I assume is a face."

Imgur users were quick to comment on the suspicious shot, which were put together to see the difference.

One user named Topicalsolution wrote: "That is super weird."

Another named tumjum0192 added: "Very cool ... and it seems to be casting a shadow ... interesting"

A group of pedestrians mistook a blow up doll for a dead body and called the police.

A bunch of onlookers thought the worst when an inflatable doll was seen floating along the River Medway in Maidstone, Kent, fully clothed.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the people believed it to be a deceased being and alerted officers.

Speaking about the sighting, a local resident named Tom Maybury, 21, said: "Some people out for a ramble saw her first and were about to dial 999 for the Murder Squad.

"She was floating face-up between a moored boat and the river bank and looked for all the world like a body.

"She was dead sexy looking, with a shapely figure and pouting lips.

"We reckon some lads out on the town had dumped her in the river for a spot of fun.

"She was life-size, and it really looked like a body."