Soap Preview


January 20, 2017
File Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless.


BEAUTIFUL: Ridge boldly admitted to Quinn that he would do everything in his power to break up her and Eric. Bill had a fatherly discussion with Liam about the importance of having patience with the women in their lives. As Eric gushed over his marriage, he assured Katie that she would not be single for much longer. Quinn delved into her past as Ridge began to learn what makes her tick and sometimes explode. Later, the staff at Forrester Creations was stunned to see the dramatic shift of Ridge's attitude towards Quinn.

Liam gave Steffy an ultimatum to either allow her family to continue their manipulation of her or to follow her heart and live happily with him. During their tense conversation, Steffy received a call from Wyatt to meet him. She reluctantly agreed to meet with Wyatt with the assumption that he is planning a desired reunion.

Watch For: The love of a woman prompts a selfless act. A former outsider becomes a peacemaker. Trust becomes an issue over a secret.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad called an important meeting with Sonny and Dario. Carrie and Austin tried to locate an escaped and crazed Anna. Hope found herself in the care of a familiar face. Rafe, Steve and Paul prepared to ambush Stefano. Kayla got an alarming call about Steve and decided to head to Prague. Hope was forced to hide from the police.

Jennifer's interest was piqued when she learned that JJ was investigating the docks. Abigail and Gabi separately started to catch on that something big was going down with Chad, Sonny and Dario. Meanwhile, Dario decided to take drastic measures.

Watch For: Chloe finally admits the truth to Brady. Nicole realises that Deimos' life is in danger. Eric tends to Hope as she battles for her life.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: An old friend came through for Maxie. Anna's memories became more vivid. Julian received a threat that hit close to home. Valentin was an unwanted guest. Jordan went against Andre's wishes. Maxie and Nathan spent time with family and friends. Lulu attempted to bond with Charlotte. Julian faced his demons. Liz shared her suspicions with Sam. Anna uncovered a pivotal memory. Liz turned to Scott for help.

Dante comforted Lulu. Valentin showed his true colours. Brad worried about Finn. Sam discovered Alexis' secret. Kiki was determined to find some answers. Carly struggled with Sonny's violent lifestyle. Jordan and Curtis reminisced about old times. Nelle was moved by Michael's advice.

Watch For: Franco faces the consequences of his actions. Liz puts herself in harm's way. Sonny looks to Ava for answers.


RESTLESS: Jack warned Neil that the press was asking why alcohol was served at a benefit to help struggling addicts. Neil informed Jack that Devon was well under the legal limit when he left the benefit. Victoria was irked that Reed preferred Billy's advice to hers and told him that she didn't want him to fill the role of Reed's father. Victor hosted a Newman family dinner at Top of the Tower, where Reed spiked his soda with alcohol.

Chelsea and Nick talked about their New Year's Eve kiss. Ashley was stunned to discover that Ravi was having lunch with Phyllis. Later, Ravi told Ashley that he had no idea Phyllis was trying to lure him away from Jabot. Gloria discovered that Lauren was meeting with a friend of Michael's about investing in Fenmore's.

Watch For: Nick comforts Sharon. Gloria is up to her old tricks. Devon feels the impact of his accident.