Weird news


January 24, 2017

weird news

Donald Trump has had a new species of moth named after him.

The President of the United States of America has been honoured by scientists who discovered the neopalpa donaldtrumpi insect and named it after the businessman because of its distinct beige body.

Dr Vazrick Nazari came up with the name after spotting bright scales all over the moth's head.

However, the flying Trump and human Trump may never meet, as the moth resides in southern California while Donald will soon relocate from New York to Washington DC.

A cat who regularly visited Morrisons has been honoured by the supermarket.

Brutus was a local with the customers and colleagues of the food store in Saltney, Cheshire, which led him to be nicknamed The Morrisons Cat after visiting the site for six years. After news arose of the furry feline's tragic death, the company has made plans to erect a memorial in tribute to the late animal.

A spokesman from Morrisons told the "Brutus was much loved by our customers and colleagues and will be missed.

"We'll now be meeting with Claire to plan a permanent memorial at the store so our customers and staff can remember him."

Brutus who was the beloved pet of Claire Owens shared the sad news that her four-legged friend passed away after battling with polycystic kidney disease.

A woman was gifted an egg from eBay, which hatched into an emu.

Charlotte Harrison's father purchased the item off the bidding site, and after nurturing it for 47 days, the egg hatched and birthed the winged animal native to Australia, which has been named Kevin, despite fears that he wouldn't survive.

And although the bird is one foot tall, there are fears for when he starts to grow to his full height, but Kevin has grown to be very fond of his human mother.

Speaking to the Metro Online, Charlotte said: "We had no idea if Kevin would hatch, but I've done my reading and was meticulous about giving him the best chance.

"Having coaxed him through the birth, I feel so protective of Kevin. I think it's because I nurtured him through incubation to hatching and the process has similarities to pregnancy.

"The feeling's mutual. He dotes on me and follows me around the house as though I'm his mother."

A woman has been forced to live in her garden shed because she claims that she is allergic to Wi-Fi.

Rachel Hinks who is a therapist has even had to give up her job because she was having extreme shakes, rashes, and headaches, which has led her to believe that she has a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "At first I had mild symptoms. I noticed when I switched to a cordless phone my ear would burn after about 10 minutes, and when I tried to use my laptop using Wi-Fi, I became very fatigued, so I resorted back to using a wired-up connection.

"I found out later that the mobile phone masts out the back of me had gone up from 2G to 4G, and my new neighbour, who had moved in, was using a BT Hub against the wall."