Weird news


January 25, 2017

A rat has been tied to a box and shamed for eating a store's food supplies.

The owner of a shop in Heyuan City, south China, has sought revenge on a rodent after it was caught nibbling at some grains of rice from his shop.

And the man decided to tie the rat's limbs to a box with notes penned as if they are from the rats perspective.

One letter read: "I am only capable of so much. Even if you beat me to death, I will never admit that I stole your rice."

While another read: "I swear I'll never do it again!"

According to the Metro Online, the incident has caused uproar with the people in China.

Beer Yoga is a new fitness trend. The new fashionable exercise class involves the drinking of booze and new yoga positions such as 'beer salutations', which involve balancing a bottle on your head. The practice has become popular in Berlin, Germany and has spread to Australia.

According to Mashable, it is described as the "marriage of two great loves beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul".

The founder of the new fad said, "Beer yoga is fun, but it's no joke.

"We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness."

A judge was given a box of chocolates by a woman who objected to having her brain tumour removed.

Justice Peter Kelly, president of the High Court, ordered surgery to remove a female's abnormal cell without her consent because she refused to undergo the medical operation.

According to the Irish Times, a CT scan showed the woman was suffering from a tumour, which caused her to suffer from mental health symptoms. After she refused to go under the knife, court orders were sought and granted in November 2016.

The woman, who is in her early 50s and making a full recovery, presented the sweet treats to the judge as a token of thanks and to apologise "for the confusion" she felt she had caused for not wanting to go ahead with the surgery.

Kelly replied: "There's no need to apologise because it was the tumour that caused your thinking to be distorted."

He thanked her for the chocolates, which he claimed was the first gift he had received in 20 years, and said it was a "red letter day" for him.

Judges are unable to accept gifts, so he asked for the chocolates to be donated to the nurses working at St Francis' Hospice in Dublin.