Weird news


January 26, 2017

weird news

A baby boy has been born with four legs and two male sex organs.

The newborn who was delivered last Saturday to his parents Lalitamma, 23, and Chennabasava, 26, at a hospital in India, has been branded a "challenging" case by doctors because of the unknown rare condition he was born with, which has left him with additional limbs and genitalia.

Dr Virupaksha, who helped deliver the baby, told the Times of India: "I referred the family to Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS).

"I spoke to the surgeons there on Sunday, and they told me that the baby was being kept under observation. I hope the baby becomes normal."

And Lalitamma, who also has a three-year-old son, has described her infant as "God's gift".

She said: "The doctors and members of my family advised me to take the baby to VIMS for advanced treatment. Now, I am hoping he becomes normal."

An X-rated rock-climbing wall made of stone genitalia has been erected.

The design company Bompas and Parr collaborated with The Climbing Hangar Group and has designed the phallic wall, which has been nicknamed 'Grope Mountain', in time for singles or those in relationships to enjoy an active Valentine's Day where they can fondle with model penises, breasts, vaginas and derrieres, as they clamber to reach the peak.

A spokesperson told the Mirror Online: "As climbers mount the wall, working their way towards the ultimate objective, being crowned 'King or Queen of Grope Mountain', they engage physically with the holds and cerebrally with the carefully choreographed routes.

"This journey encourages a rethink of the participants' own body."

And Harry Parr who works for Bompas and Parr has admitted that the design was created to prove sports can be "erotic".

He said: "Climbing walls are perceived as a place for sport, well-being and fun, but they can be erotic, too.

"Gripping and tugging yourselves up with our sensual holds is this year's perfect date for those looking to show off their strength, stamina and flexibility."

A woman has lashed out at a supermarket chain for insinuating they approve of animal cruelty.

Rebecca Clayton from Norfolk was fuming with Tesco after she noticed during her weekly shop that the store in King's Lynn had displayed a sign that read: "We don't fly in our chickens, they're 100 per cent British", which she believes suggests that the shop is flying into the feathered birds.

However, she later took to Facebook to share a photograph of the evidence and to vent her frustration before discovering that the sign contained an embarrassing typo instead.

She said: "I'm glad to hear it. "That would be cruelty. You might want to hire a new proofreader ..."

A Tesco spokeswoman responded to the shopper who informed her that she has contacted the store manager to change the sign for a clearer understanding and apologised for the inconvenience.

Adidas has invented a pair of dissolvable trainers.

The running shoe, which is made from biodegradable artificial spider silk, will melt away when you no longer need them, according to Wired.

The clothing firm recommends after two years of use you immerse the shoes in water and add a digestion enzyme, called proteinase. After 36 hours soaking, the chemical will cause the protein-based yarn to disintegrate, allowing the owner to drain the liquefied shoes down the sink.

However, the foam sole will still have to be disposed of in the bin, and the garment will not vanish in the rain because it needs the enzyme for biodegradation.

The upper is made from a synthetic biopolymer fibre called Biosteel, which is made by a German company called AMSilk whose goal was to recreate spider silk.

Adidas claims the shoes are 15 per cent lighter than other running shoes, while still remaining strong and durable, as well as non-allergenic and vegan.