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January 27, 2017
File Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless.
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.


BEAUTIFUL: With his broken heart in his hand, Wyatt went to Quinn and Eric to tell them about the current state of his and Steffy's marriage. The group at Forrester Creations was stunned when Ridge voluntarily admitted that Quinn had become a valuable asset to the company.

Quinn came up with an idea to bring the Forrester family back together. Thomas was offended that he wasn't considered for the CEO position. Kate was suspicious of Quinn and Ridge's sudden friendship. The Spencer brothers set aside their years of competition with each other when Wyatt revealed the real reason he gave Steffy what she wanted. Pam gave Katie the scoop on what was going on behind the scenes of Quinn and Eric's marriage.

Watch For: A newly engaged couple plans their wedding. A father and son's damaged relationship is healed by a momentous gesture. An employee turns disgruntled.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole received some shocking news. Gabi and Chad shared an awkward moment in the square. Claire, Theo, Ciara, Jade and Joey began a new adventure together. Belle returned to visit Claire. Brady and Deimos rallied around Nicole.

Gabi and Abigail enacted a plan to put an end to a three-way family war. Chloe convinced Belle to represent her. Sonny tried to make a deal with Chad. In Prague, Steve and Kayla went out for a night on the town, where they reaffirmed their love for each other. A feverish Hope fought for her life as Eric did his best to save her. Chad and Abigail shared a special night together.

Watch For: An emotional Nicole urges Chloe to give back her baby. Jennifer has lunch with Valerie, who has a surprising admission. Chad and Gabi grow further apart after Chad recommits himself to his marriage.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis confronted Jack about seeing him at Top of the Tower with Gloria. Lauren was stunned when a potential investor in Fenmore's had a change of heart and chose to go into business with Jack instead. Victoria was frustrated that Reed wasn't spending enough time on his studies and was spending too much time with Zoey. Lily signed Jill's modelling contract but worried that Cane would be unhappy with the situation.

At the GCAC, Billy crossed paths with Phyllis and was reminded of the chemistry between them. Christine assured Sharon that it was normal for an agent to disappear after a bust, but Sharon believed the universe was punishing her. Victoria caught Reed and Zoey together on the couch.

Watch For: Colin returns to Genoa City. Jack has a rude awakening. Devon beats Hilary at her own game.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Kiki and Dillion grew closer. Franco faced the consequences of his actions. Julian resorted to blackmail. Jason fell ill. Jordan began having second thoughts. Alexis made strides in her sobriety. Kevin opened up to Laura. Carly had a warning for Michael. Sonny imparted his wisdom on to Nelle. Sam stumbled upon an important clue. Liz put herself in harm's way. Dante and Nathan zeroed in on a suspect.

Brad and Finn discussed some unfinished business. Alexis was caught off guard. Liz was horrified by something she discovered. Sam pleaded her case. Nina wanted what was best for Charlotte. Anna tore into Valentin. Alexis' memories became more clear.

Watch For: Jason and Sonny have a falling out. Bobbie makes a call for help. Brad threatens Finn.