Weird news


January 28, 2017

weird news

A woman believes she can cure blindness by licking patients' eyeballs.

An 80-year-old lady, Hava Celebic, has claimed she is a spiritual healer, and has the gift to cure those with the disability by simply wiggling her tongue around their organ. It has been reported that locals plan on cutting out her mouth muscle when she passes away to continue to heal people, as her children are "too disgusted" to follow in her footsteps.

According to the Mirror Online, Hava can also remove pieces of metal, coal, sawdust and other materials, which can irritate the eye area after she douses her mouth with alcohol.

Speaking about her special power, she said: "I learnt this from a woman who was also called Hava.

"Unfortunately, I cannot pass this to my descendants, because my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone's eye.

"I've been told that people will cut out my tongue when I die so the village can continue to treat people."

But Hava's service comes at a price, as she charges €10, but she does not expect unemployed people to pay her.

She explained: "I don't charge licking for those who are not employed and have no money, but my service fee normally costs around €10."

Two boys flew to Spain for a night out and returned to college the next morning.

The pair who are known as Armarni Saunders and Daniel Thurgood finished school on December 8, and decided to jet off to the sunny climate to enjoy one night on the town before returning home to attend school prompt the next day, according to

The pair boarded Ryanair flights to Alicante and swiftly made their way to the beach and straight to the strip of bars for a few drinks.

Once they'd had drunk up, having only spent a total of PS50 each on food, drinks and transport, they caught a return flight home, and both made it into school before lunchtime and only missed out on their morning lesson.

However, this news comes as a surprise to their parents, who reportedly had no idea about their children's plans and the great lengths they went to just to have a night out.

A man cycled 310 miles the wrong way when he tried to get home.

A worker set off on his 1,056-mile bicycle trip from Rizhao in Shandong to travel up north to Qiqihar, which is in the Heilongjiang province. But it was only when he was stopped by police in the central Chinese province of Anhui that he realised he had travelled hundreds of miles in a completely different direction than he intended to.

According to The People's Online Daily, officers told the man he was going the wrong way as he was driving on a highway where bike riding is prohibited.

The man's blunder comes after he informed the police he couldn't read maps or road signs and relied on asking people for directions in a bid to get him to his destination safely, especially because he couldn't afford a train ticket.

However, kind-hearted policemen and toll workers decided to help the male and paid for his ticket home.

A man who has been hit by lightning seven times has been recognised as one of the world's unluckiest people.

A new infographic has been put together to shine a light on the most outlandish and unfair circumstances people across the globe have been victim to.

The set of bizarre ordeals range from receiving double snake bites to being on board three sinking ships, including the Titanic.

It also includes close calls like Frane Selak, who came away unscathed from seven horrific accidents, while Ann Hodges was one of only two people in all of history to be hit by a meteorite, although she didn't get to retain any memorabilia.

Other unlucky people include Roy Sullivan, who has been hit by lightning seven times, with the likelihood being one in 22 septillion. Meanwhile, Erik Norrie was attacked by a shark, struck by lightning, and bitten by a rattlesnake over separate occasions, with the odds being 1 in 11.5 million for the sea attack, 1 in 3,000 for the electrifying ordeal, and 1 in approximately 37,500 for the reptile incident.

Melanie Martinez lost four homes to hurricanes, and then after a $20,000 makeover for her fifth, she lost that one too with only a four per cent chance each year of being hit by a hurricane in Louisiana.