Weird News


January 31, 2017

A West Virginia man has admitted to leaving a casino to rob a bank before returning to continue gambling.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that 52-year-old Kerry Johnson of Charleston pleaded guilty Wednesday to a robbery charge.

Johnson had been at the Mardi Gras Casino in Nitro for hours on August 2 when he put down a $25 chip to hold his spot. Prosecutors said that Johnson then drove 13 miles to a Charleston bank and gave tellers a note saying he had a bomb and a weapon and robbed it.

Johnson then returned to the blackjack table and kept gambling.

Johnson told a judge he'd taken quite a few drugs that day but recognised himself after seeing video from the bank.

He faces five to 18 years in prison when sentenced in March.

The 911 calls started pouring in just after noon in the tiny western Pennsylvania town of Brookville.

"The electrical meter is on fire." "The house siding is burning." "My power strip is smoking." "The computer is fried." "The carpeting is singed." "Our light bulb exploded."

A power company said a failed power line component was to blame for an electrical surge on January 20 in Brookville, population 4,000.

When it was over, 500 to 1,000 residents were affected, said Tracy Zents, the director of Jefferson County's Department of Emergency Services.

"I've been doing this a little over 30 years, and this is definitely a first for me," Zents said. "We were fortunate that nobody was hurt."

The volume of calls quickly overwhelmed the local volunteer fire department 70 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, which had to call three other departments for help, Zents said.

Even the police department wasn't spared. The surge tripped the department's main office radio, so the initial emergency calls were missed, said Chief Jason Brown.

"Then all of a sudden, I hear fire engines, so I turned on my hand-held," Brown said. He quickly learnt what had happened as fluorescent lights in the building next door started exploding in their sockets.

He said he doesn't know anyone on the east side of town who wasn't affected in some way.

"You go down the street and you see all these blackened meters," he said.

In China, Twitter is blocked, but fake tweets by @realdonaldtrump look set to become the latest Internet sensation.

Users are flocking to websites that let them generate images of fake tweets that look just like those sent from US President Donald Trump's distinctive personal Twitter account replete with his avatar and a real-time timestamp.

Jike, a Shanghai-based start-up running one such website, said on Thursday that in just four days, users have created more than a million fake @realdonaldtrump tweets in Chinese and English, often mimicking Trump's tone and fondness for exclamation marks. They are being shared on Chinese social networking sites to crack jokes, tout online goods, and send Lunar New Year greetings.

The fake Trump tweets circulating on Chinese social media reflect how Trump's use of Twitter is even seeping into the popular consciousness of a country where Twitter has been blocked by censors for years.

Although Trump's comments on trade, Taiwan, and the South China Sea have raised concerns in Beijing, there is a certain fascination about Trump among some young Chinese who see him as a symbol of American showmanship but who overlook his anti-China rhetoric - at least for now.

"For young Chinese people, Trump has an extremely iconic image," said Lin Hang, a co-founder of Jike. "His Twitter content can easily spark conversations in China. His language style is very recognisable. So when citizens put their everyday life musings or roasts in his voice, it provokes a certain reaction, a certain resonance."

Police say that an Ohio burglar made himself at home in houses he broke into by cooking and showering before leaving.

Authorities in Youngstown say that the 33-year-old homeless man took his own food to cook during break-ins.

The Vindicator reports on Saturday that the man was charged with burglary and breaking and entering.

Police say that the man was arrested after a woman arrived home from work at about 12:15 a.m. on Wednesday and found her kitchen ransacked, with food all over and her stove used.

Police reports say that the woman heard running water upstairs and found a man in her shower.