February 03, 2017
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.


Thomas was angry when he didn't receive a promotion. Brooke was furious to return from Europe only to find that Ridge still hadn't gotten Quinn out of their lives. Eric gathered his family together and gave each of them praise for their talents. He then stunned the room with the announcement that Ridge would be co-CEO with Steffy. As Ridge made a speech of gratitude, Brooke saw him exchange eye contact with Quinn. Later, Rick and Thomas commiserated about never getting a chance to prove their worth. Bill was stunned by Ridge and Quinn's sudden friendship and hinted that perhaps something happened between them in San Francisco. Quinn was jealous as she watched Ridge and Brooke kiss.

Watch for: A jilted man gives up his career. One spouse learns of the other's insecurity. Siblings fight over business matters.


Hope became delusional from her fever, putting her life at risk. Eric ran into a familiar face while sneaking around Salem. Marlena and the others came up with a way to lure Stefano out of hiding. Shawn and Ciara got some upsetting news about the police hunt for Hope. A deadly Deimos struck out against his enemies. Chad and AndrE received some intriguing intel about Titan. Abigail and Gabi continued to work together to end the war between the families. Jennifer made a shocking discovery at the docks. Nicole was shaken as she wondered if everyone was right about Deimos after all. Belle expressed disapproval over Chloe's latest move regarding Holly.

Watch for: A plan is hatched to capture Stefano at the masquerade ball. Hope pleads with Eric to contact Hattie. Paul is shocked to find Sonny at his hotel door.


Jason and Sonny had a falling out. Nina warned Anna to stay away. Lulu extended an olive branch to Valentin. Bobbie made a call for help. Michael and Nelle wondered what might have been. Liz and Franco reunited. Julian took the bait. Jordan went back on her word. Jason took action to protect Sam. Olivia looked to Carly for advice. Alexis' sponsor had an ulterior motive. Curtis kept a close eye on Julian. Bobbie teamed up with an old friend. Nelle received a romantic gesture. Liz opened up to Franco. Julian was helpless to his business partner's machinations. Hayden enlisted Michael's help. Sam went against Jason's wishes. Brad threatened Finn. Nelle continued her charade.

Watch for: Dante gets a break in the case. Julian's past catches up with him. Felicia gets closer to the truth.


Eric Forrester arrived in Genoa City to assist Lauren with her business troubles. Meanwhile, Ashley asked Jack if he was really interested in Fenmore's or if he was using the opportunity to toy with Phyllis. Noah was concerned that Dylan's absence would cause Sharon to suffer a setback. Cane was bitter that Victoria and Billy were making decisions without him. At the Underground, Phyllis reconnected with Nick, who encouraged her to sign up for a dating app. Later, Ravi was surprised when Ashley decided to take a break from work and join him for the concert. Jill received a surprise visit from Colin. Zoey made an insulting meme of Victoria. Mariah didn't believe that Hilary's apology for tripping her was sincere. Victoria turned to Billy for advice on how to mend her relationship with Reed.

Watch for: Nikki pushes Sharon too far. Victoria makes a power move. Billy comes to Phyllis' rescue.