Weird News


February 04, 2017

Weird News

A woman was left red-faced after mistaking her 'out of control' sex toy noise for an intruder.

The unnamed female from Germany alerted police to track down the suspected interloper, which was making drilling noises coming from the bathroom, but cops soon discovered the annoying noise was an adult toy that she had left in her bathtub.

A police report, published by the Daily Mirror newspaper, read: "They went up to the upper floor with the caller and localised the suspected intruder in the bathroom. He lay in the tub, was blushing, and jumped uncontrollably.

"The Bremerin was relieved that it was not a burglar and cried, 'this is my vibrator.' This was the blue mole model. After the intruder was put, the forces of the forces went off again and waived a trace search."

Pizza Hut has introduced a pyjama safe zone for customers.

The fast-food restaurant launched the new area for those who want to dine in the comfort of their nightwear on Wednesday at the Manchester branch.

This news comes after two ladies sparked an online debate for wearing their nightwear at a Tesco store, with some social media users slamming them and claiming the leisure garments should be banned from being worn in public.

The Italian/American style chain have since introduced a Pyjama Safe and Pyjama Free zone with staff offering customers fluffy bathrobes and pizza blankets to ensure they enjoy their meal comfortably and away from judgemental eyes.

Gareth Hopley who is the head of communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants said: "With the ongoing media debate covering whether we should or shouldn't embrace the pyjama craze, we wanted to provide safe zones for all of our customers, whatever side they're on, in the city where the trend divided the nation last month."

Ashley Harrold, the head of Blatchington Mill School in Sussex, south east England, has began asking pupils if they would like to start at the later time of 9:25 a.m. with a later finish of 4 p.m. in a bid to boost their concentration to help them with exam results, after research suggested that early starts "do not support the biological rhythms of adolescents".

Ashley told the Metro newspaper: "Our experience is that pupils are generally quite focused in the morning and there's not a massive issue with morning lessons. But we are looking for marginal gains to get a more harmonious learning experience.

"It may be that they're absolutely fine now but they might be even better if we start a little bit later."

Snowbombing festival will give partygoers the opportunity to dance in an igloo to celebrate its 18th year.

Austria's annual event which revealed its line-up comprising acts such as Gorgon City, Disciples and Redlight on Thursday will provide music lovers with the exciting igloo rave as well as luxurious spas, rooftop bars, hot tubs, forest parties and much more to ensure a memorable experience.

Nicholas Cornbleet, brand manager of Smirnoff Europe/Diageo, said: "To celebrate this year's epic festival season, Smirnoff, the world's most popular vodka brand, is proud to be the official vodka and partner with the biggest festivals across Europe, including Snowbombing, teaming up great music and great drinks to make the week one to remember."