Weird news


February 06, 2017

weird news

Snake found in toilet

A family have found a snake in their toilet.

The terrified family from Jones country, Texas, found a whopping 24 of the reptiles in their home, including 13 in the cellar and a further 10 including five babies hidden in the foundations of the building.

Pest control company Big Country Snake Removal were called to remove the snakes from the property.

The company wrote on their Facebook page: "Last week we received a call from a family in Jones county who had an adult rattlesnake in their toilet. Yes, in their toilet! (The snake found its way in from an opening in a relief pipe that I later sealed)

"This was the first snake that the family has seen on the property in several years. When I arrived, I immediately noticed a few problematic areas. Intuition took me directly to a storm cellar where I safely removed 13 adult rattlesnakes. After a thorough perimeter check, I crawled underneath the house where I removed another 10, 5 being babies ... 24 snakes total, (including the toilet snake) and the family had no idea ... (sic)"

The pest control group then urged people in the Buffalo Gap region of Texas to watch out for the reptiles, as their "secretive" nature means they could be hiding anywhere unnoticed.

They added: "How is this possible? It's actually quite simple; rattlesnake are secretive and can be very cryptic. They rely heavily on their camouflage. This is simply how they survive. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there ... (sic)"

Woman offers bed warming services

A woman has become the world's first professional bed warmer.

Viktoria Ivachyova lends a hand to people who want their bed to be warm as soon as they get into it at night, by renting her professional bed warming services.

The 21-year-old charges PS65 per night or PS1,350 per month to lay in a stranger's bed for an hour in order to make their chilly sheets cosy enough to help them drift off to sleep with ease.

Once booked, the professional bed warmer arrives at the client's home at a scheduled time slot before their bedtime, puts on her pyjamas, and lays in their bed for an hour.

Viktoria tells clients they are allowed to be present in the room while she warms their bed up for them, but they cannot touch her. To reinforce these rules, she carries a panic button which alerts a security team should she need it.

The rules are only in place to make sure Viktoria is safe, and she does allow her clients to talk to her while she works. Some of her customers even talk to her about their problems, and the Daily Mirror newspaper reports she claims to be a "great listener".

The demand is so high for her service, Viktoria is now said to be putting together a team of bed warmers to tackle the increasing number of clients.

Man eats one big meal at 2 a.m. everyday

A fitness fanatic male eats 4,000 calories in one meal every day.

Blake Horton is proud of his fit physique, and admits that the only time he eats is in one sitting at 2 a.m. every morning where he gorges on giant 4,000 calorie meals such as burgers, pizzas, and banana splits.

The muscly hunk livestreams his late night feast on Instagram to his 163,000 followers, and says he takes on the hefty meal in order to let him "have fun" throughout the day after he was left feeling miserable on a regular diet.

He said: "My social life was gone. I remember standing in the kitchen one night and being like, 'Is this what you've got to do to keep abs?'

"My friends would call me to go out and it would be like 10 p.m. and I had no calories left to spend to go out drinking and having fun, so I was like, 'ah no, I'll stay in'. I was constantly staring at the clock waiting for my next meal. I was hungry all the time."

And Blake says his health is "perfect", despite scoffing down a whole host of treats in one whopping meal.

He added to Daily Mirror newspaper: "I save up all my calories and spend them all in one shot. Where regular people eat three meals a day, I get all my nutrients, carbs, fats, proteins, micro nutrients, fibre, everything all in that one big monster meal.

"I enjoy myself a lot more now, and my health is perfect."