Weird news


February 07, 2017

A teenager got a phone charger stuck in her foot because her bedroom was too messy.

Julia Pechar, a teenager from Nebraska, had been told to clean her room countless times by her mother, and was left in agonising pain when the mess on her bedroom floor disguised the plug of her phone charger, which became lodged in the bottom of her foot when she stepped on it.

She told BuzzFeed: "Right before I screamed for my mom to come rip it out of me, I crawled to my phone to take a picture.

"For all of the people demanding blood, yes, it did bleed ... a lot. It still is."

The 18-year-old posted the picture of the plug in her foot on Twitter, and received horrified responses from people saying they "threw up" at the sight of her injury.

One user wrote: "@JEWL_ia threw up in my mouth when I saw this" (sic).

While another used crying emojis to sum up her feelings and said: "@JEWL_ia Jules no" (sic).

While Julia acknowledges that her messy room caused the accident to occur, she reportedly has no desire to start cleaning up to prevent further injury.

A cat named Pooh has been given a new lease of life in Bulgaria, becoming the country's first "bionic cat" with a pair of prosthetic hind legs.

Veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov carried out the operation that in Europe has only previously been done in Britain. He was aiming to give the fluffy black-and-white cat who was probably hit by a train a chance at the sort of independence that the traditional solution a set of wheels would never have offered.

Zlatinov relied on a few publications in scientific journals. With no commercial implants available, the parts had to be custom-built.

At the end of the complex surgery, Pooh had a pair of titanium legs implanted into his body. They are connected to external prostheses that can be changed like shoes.

Pooh had to recover for six weeks before he could test out his new limbs. Now, he is getting used to them, Zlatinov said, adding that Pooh notices the prostheses and tries to keep them clean.

Since the surgery on Pooh, Zlatinov has operated on three more cats, and more are on the waiting list.

French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon can't be in two places at once.

But the 65-year-old hard-left hopeful is trying his hardest thanks to advances in technology.

As Melenchon held a rally in Lyon on Sunday, a hologram of him was projected by satellite to crowds in Paris.

Critics called it a headline-grabbing gimmick that obscures his fiery politics.

Meanwhile, supporters of conservative candidate Francois Fillon hit the streets Sunday to try to stem damage to his campaign. They distributed tracts entitled 'Stop the Manhunt.'

Prosecutors are investigating the jobs that Fillon's wife and two of their five children had working as his parliamentary aides. The preliminary probe involves suspicions of embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds

He denies wrongdoing and says he is the victim of a slander campaign.

Vandals have struck a banana yellow car blamed for ruining visitors' photos of a famous English village.

"Move," someone scratched into the hood of Peter Maddox's car in the Cotswolds village of Bibury as part of a January rampage that caused around PS6,000 in damages.

For the past three years, the 84-year-old widower has parked his Vauxhall Corsa outside his retirement cottage on Arlington Row in Bibury. The grey-stone 14th Century homes are among the oldest inhabited dwellings in Britain and feature in the artwork of British passports.

With locals' public backing, the retired dentist says he won't have his style dictated by tourists. Told by mechanics that his car was probably an insurance write-off, Maddox says he plans to buy a replacement in lime green.