Weird News


February 08, 2017

A dog lover had to breathe the life back into his greyhound with the kiss of life.

The pooch's owner, Trevor Jackson from Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, northeast England, took fate into his own hands when he gave his greyhound mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after she collapsed on a walk.

Speaking about his 11-year-old greyhound called Princess, he told Britain's Metro newspaper: "I opened her mouth and basically stuck my head in her mouth and started blowing air in. It's amazing you can get your head right in there."

Thanks to Trevor's quick-thinking and the help of two women, who helped the pair get to a nearby vet, the dog was given the all clear after receiving emergency medical treatment.

A woman was stuck in a bath for 30 minutes after using coconut oil.

A female decided she needed some relaxation after being hit with the common cold, and decided to light some candles and run herself a bubble bath with therapeutic salts and the natural product in a bid to help her recovery.

However, after she enjoyed the home pampering for half an hour, she soon regretted her actions as she was unable to clamber out of the bath and slid around the tub like a "giant greased up potato in a roasting dish".

Writing in a post on social media, which has been obtained on, about her bubbly blunder, she said: "Here is a funny and current story. I am stuck in a bath. I can't actually get out of my bath tub. Why? I've [got] a chest infection and some fever so I'm home sick. I also can't turn my head. Took some antibiotics and a Valium and thought *- I will have a relaxing bath. I found some bath salts. Lit some candles and poured in some coconut oil - now I am realising it was too much coconut oil. Went to get out after pulling the plug and I just slide around like a giant greased up potato in a roasting dish. There is no traction. No grip. Just me and my fat body slipping around covered in oil. F**k home beauty remedies. SOS" (sic).

A deep-sea swimmer in Bluefish Cove in California nearly met his end when the giant tentacled creature targeted him in an underwater wrestling match.

A video capturing the chilling moment was released last Sunday, showing the giant cephalopod mollusc latched on to the diver's camera in an eight-tentacle death grip.

They were able to escape the scary encounter by ingeniously setting off his camera flash.

The unnamed male told The Daily Star newspaper: "It's very rare to see that type of octopus in the 80 feet of water we were in. I was a little worried that that octopus wasn't going to come off."

A new study has found that being 'nice' makes people happier.

According to a new survey by airline company Monarch, titled the 'Power of Nice', following a bleak year which saw Britain leave the European Union (Brexit) and Donald Trump being elected as president of America, 89 per cent of Brits want to return to the traditional values of chivalry, respect and kindness.

Nils Christy, Monarch's chief operations officer, said: "Recent events have meant we've been surrounded by lots of negativity and nasty rhetoric. At Monarch we are big believers in the power of nice and we wanted to prove how a little kindness cannot only improve the lives of those around you but also benefit you as an individual.

"Monarch is often described as the nicer way to fly, so we are campaigning to make 2017 the Year of Nice bringing it back one flight and holiday at a time."

It found kind and polite people were happier, healthier and more successful than their nasty counterparts.

Eighteen per cent of Brits think you have to be ruthless to get ahead in business, 34 per cent say 'nice' people enjoy their jobs, and just over 50 per cent believing they are successful professionally because they friendly.