Weird News


February 09, 2017

Weird News

An art company has launched a Love and Paint Kit for couples to spice up their sex life this Valentine's Day.

The firm has created an innovative new capsule, which has been described as being "too taboo" for faint hearted lovers, that encourages people to turn their bedroom into an art studio and their bodies into human brushes on February 14.

Speaking about their exclusive product, a spokesperson said: "[It is] the ultimate conversation piece too taboo for most".

The intimate collection of body art is skin safe and includes specially formulated organic body paints in Pearlescent Bordeaux, Titanium White and Rose Gold, a brush and slippers, a blank canvas, as well as a protective tarpaulin to ensure the customer doesn't get into too much mess.

And the kit has clearly stated a "willing partner" and "libido" has not been supplied.

It stated: "All you need now is a willing partner, a libido and voila! You have quite the memorable piece of art."

To order the new limited edition Love and Paint kit worth $250, visit