Weird News


February 10, 2017

A mother caught a couple having sex in front of her house.

A woman was "disgusted" when she looked out of her window on a rainy day to see two people seek shelter under a bridge to enjoy a 10-minute romp in Bridgwater, Somerset, which she could see from every angle of her living room window.

Speaking to SomersetLive about the escapade, she said: "I was in my living room when it happened, I have quite a big window in my living room, so you couldn't really walk across the room without seeing it.

"It was really badly raining, so they had stopped under the bridge and were talking, and then they started kissing, and suddenly, they actually had sex.

"They were having sex for about ten minutes."

Although the onlooker was advised to yell at the frolicking duo, she decided against it because she didn't want her brood to wake up and peer out to see the explicit act.

She explained: "This is the third time it has happened, and I have two young children at home, and I don't really want them to see that kind of thing.

"Everyone has said I should have shouted over to them, but my two kids were sleeping at the time."

A carton of spilt orange juice has been blamed for plane delays.

A new study conducted by has revealed an array of odd causes, ranging from split orange juice and a plane being left 'too long in the sun' to having a drunk pilot, which have led to a number of flights being postponed or cancelled.

The research carried out is based on thousands of compensation claims which detail the bizarre reasons and various horror stories UK passengers have endured during their travels.

However, one of the most obscure cases which has been reported on the Mirror Online arose on an EasyJet flight from Liverpool to Malaga when a passenger's juice disaster caused an electrical fault, which grounded the plane.

At the time, passengers did not know the cause of the delay until one individual on the flight demanded compensation.

A woman started breastfeeding her pig on live television.

A group of locals in San Juan de Lurigancgo, Peru, were being interviewed about their business and the impact the flood has had on their services caused after river Huaycoloro had burst.

And as a farmer explained how she has had to build a temporary shelter out of a cardboard box so her animals wouldn't be homeless, she then lifted up her top while the cameras were filming to allow a piglet to suck on her breast, the Mirror Online has reported.

However, the female's actions didn't come as a surprise to fellow neighbours, who began laughing at the unusual sight, although the cameraman swiftly panned away.

A popular London brewery is giving away a free beer every time it rains in the British capital.

Fuller's are giving away pints of London Pride through their social media accounts, when the sky pours until the end of February.

All people have to do is follow their brew's official Twitter from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., where there is a live video out of a window, and when you spot rain, simply tweet the hashtag, #WhenItRainsItPours, and a code will be sent to you for use at any Fuller's pub.

BBC weatherman Michael Fish is heading up the campaign.

He said: "February can often be one of the dreariest months of the year, with the short days and wet weather, so a free pint of London Pride will certainly brighten up peoples' days.

"I am excited to be part of this campaign," he continued. "I've seen some very rare atmospheric phenomena, but even in all my years as a weatherman, I've never seen it rain beer."