Celebrities opposed to Texas 'bathroom bill'


February 15, 2017
Lady Gaga

AUSTIN, Texas (AP):

Musicians Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, along with Oscar winner Jessica Lawrence are among more than 140 artists and celebrities condemning a Texas "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people.

Britney Spears and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel also signed a letter Tuesday criticising the Republican-backed efforts as a "denial of basic human dignity."

The bill would require people to use bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate.

It's similar to a North Carolina law that prompted rockers Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen to cancel concerts in that state last year.

The Texas bill has yet to receive even a preliminary vote but public pressure is ratcheting up.

Last week, the NFL suggested that Texas could be passed over for future Super Bowl sites if the proposal became law.