Weird news


February 15, 2017

A female who has remained unnamed was reportedly pregnant for two years before she recently gave birth to the four-legged animal, after she sought help from people at a community centre.

After visiting the clinic, the woman went into labour, and footage, which has been obtained by the Mirror Online, shows an infant animal figure smothered in blood lying on the floor in the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, while she is keeled over and is kneeling on the floor leaning on a plastic chair.

A man's pet buffalo was his best man at his wedding.

A couple has allowed their 180-stone animal, named Wild Thing, to live in their home with them since he was a calf, and was given the privilege of standing by the groom Ronnie Bridges' side when he wed his wife Sherron.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about the special day and their unusual tenant, Ronnie, 60, said: "It's like a car coming through the house, he has his own room where he watches TV, but his favourite room requires a bit of furniture moving to get him in each time.

"Wild Thing is such a part of our family that he was my best man when we got married 10 years ago."

And Ronnie's spouse has admitted their resident lives the life of luxury as he takes over their home and enjoys watching fast-paced television shows with his owners.

Sherron said: "It was my idea to bring Wild Thing in the house. When he was a young calf I said we should bring him in."

Ronnie added: "It's always a tight squeeze whenever you want to walk past him in the house, and luckily, all our doorways are big enough for him.

"He has a barn and land to walk about in, but he loves coming in to watch TV. He likes fast-moving stuff so doesn't care much for the news.

"But we wouldn't have life any other way. He's our pet and we love him."

A study has proven that ham sandwiches are the most popular lunchtime snack to be eaten on a daily basis by workers.

Research conducted by New Covent Garden Soup, which has been undertaken on 2,000 adults, has revealed three out of four people have enjoyed the same lunch every day, with the meaty treat being the most popular midday feast to be indulged, ahead of healthy salads or nutritious broths.

Meanwhile, one in six people can't shake their habits and have spent 24 months following the exact same routine.

A boy stole an 18-inch snake and hid it in his trousers.

A man has been caught on CCTV camera grabbing a baby Colombian red-tail boa constrictor from a store, The Tie-Dyed Iguana, shoving it into his pocket before making off with it.

Although shop owner Matt Smallheer was suspicious, he didn't believe anyone would be able to break the "escape-proof cage" and take the reptile.

Speaking to KSDK about the theft, he said: "It was odd because it's in a relatively escape-proof cage, but we checked it and double checked it and sure enough, it was gone."

However, the abducted animal has since been recovered and returned safely.

The store posted on Facebook: "Our snake was recovered (sic)."