Justin Bieber accused of assault


February 17, 2017
Justin Bieber


A Las Vegas man who says Justin Bieber assaulted him in Cleveland eight months ago has filed a police report about the fracas.

Thirty-four-year-old Rodney Cannon claims, in the report filed Tuesday with Cleveland police, that the pop star took Cannon's sunglasses inside a hotel after a Cleveland Cavaliers play-off game on June 8.

He says in the report that Bieber, and possibly a bodyguard, punched him, and that he wrestled Bieber to the ground to restrain him.

Bieber's publicist didn't immediately return a message seeking comment on the accusations.

Cannon referred questions Wednesday about the encounter and why he waited to file the report to an attorney, who also didn't immediately return a message.

A Cleveland police spokesman says the episode is under investigation.