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February 17, 2017
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Dominic Zamprogna portrays 'Dante' on General Hospital


BEAUTIFUL: Zende's parents, Kristen and Tony, flew in for his wedding. Carter gave a beautiful speech as justice of the peace. Not at the wedding, Bill and Wyatt commiserated on their failed relationships. Bill refused to accept Brooke and Ridge's engagement and became emotional thinking about his previous weddings with Brooke. Family members made heartfelt speeches before Zende and Nicole began reciting their vows.

Before the reception was even over, Quinn had Nicole's portrait taken down and her own put back up. Ridge returned to the mansion, where the chemistry was palpable between him and Quinn. Bill checked in on Brooke, who wasn't feeling well, and questioned where Ridge might be. Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn continued to flirt. Bill tried to kiss Brooke, but she stopped him. Zende and Nicole planned to leave for their exotic honeymoon.

Watch For: A plan is hatched to destroy a family's reputation. A once-defunct fashion house makes its public debut. Siblings allow business to come between them.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad and Gabi's dire situation went from bad to worse. Victor learnt of Deimos' actions and warned him that he needed to clean it all up quickly. Adrienne, Jennifer and Anne worked together to destroy the Orwell device. Steve and Kayla's Valentine's Day wedding approached, which included a surprise visit from Stephanie. Hope received news about her fate.

Austin and Carrie reunited with Kate. Valerie informed a disappointed Abe that she was leaving town. Julie received some devastating news. Anna confronted Andre. Chloe and Nicole's custody hearing for Holly began.

Watch For: A furious Nicole breaks up with Deimos. Abigail and JJ work together to find Gabi and Chad. Chloe and Nicole learn who gets custody of Holly.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna was being watched. Felicia got closer to the truth. Julian feared that the PCPD was on to him. Lulu was at the mercy of Valentin, but Olivia was one step ahead. Franco continued to struggle with his dark side. Nelle pushed her luck. Finn's behaviour grew more erratic. Michael was tasked with a tough decision. Julian felt powerless. Anna demanded answers, but her symptoms grew increasingly worse.

Curtis flirted with danger. Scott tried to calm Ava. Nina grew more suspicious. Kiki and Dillon made a connection. Liz looked to Sam for support. Ned defended Olivia. Julian made a deal with the devil. Griffin grew suspicious of Finn. Anna got some help from an unlikely source.

Watch For: Julian learns the consequences of his actions. Nelle pushes Michael away. Laura becomes a pawn in Julian's game.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jill offered to buy Jack's stake in Fenmore's. Nick assured Chelsea that he was never getting back together with Sharon despite Faith's wishes. Billy hired Jordan, a photographer for Brash & Sassy's ad campaigns. Meanwhile, Cane was surprised to learn that Lily and Jordan knew each other already. Jill was shocked by Jack's counter-offer. Sharon asked Victor to help her find Dylan. Lauren was determined to find out what Gloria used against Jack in order to get a job at Jabot. Ashley discovered Ravi's Valentine's Day gift for her. Jill told David that she was willing to do anything to buy Jack's stake in Fenmore's. Watch For: Devon fights temptation. Reed is thrown into the spotlight. Nikki and Sharon call a truce.