Weird news


February 17, 2017

A man asked his date for his money back after she refused to see him again.

A 38-year-old woman named Lucy Brown met up with the male after they exchanged messages on dating website Plenty Of Fish. Although she claimed the date went well, she didn't feel a connection with her match and snubbed him when he asked for a second date.

The fashion designer received a lengthy text message from the man, who claimed he was "devastated" by the let down, and asked her to send him her half of the bill, which came to a total of PS84.

Lucy told The Sun Online: "When I got the text, I was crying with laughter. I honestly thought he was joking. But then I realised he was serious.

"My life does feel a bit ridiculous at the moment. I just think 'why me?'"

Although Lucy thought the request was ridiculous, Lucy still sent the money and donated the same amount of PS42.50 to a donkey sanctuary.

A cyclist has sent out a missing-bicycle appeal in a bid to find his stolen vehicle.

A 33-year-old man named Rob Lutter was left devastated when he left a supermarket in Kingston upon Thames, just outside of London, only to find his possession was nowhere to be found.

However, the theft has come as a bigger blow to him as he cycled around the world on the two-wheeled mode of transport as part of a 25,000-mile trek and has lived off it ever since with all his main belongings attached.

He told the Metro Online: "'I had stopped outside Co-Op on Friday evening, at 8:20, to get some food on my way to house sit.

"I left the bike outside, but I didn't lock it because I only went inside for a minute.

"I always lock it usually, but I thought it would be okay. I never expected someone to even be able to wheel it away, because it weighs 65kg.

"But I came outside and it was gone. There was no trace of it.

"I've had bikes stolen before, but it's not just any bike my entire life was on it."

Rob reported the bike missing to police immediately and later took to his Twitter account in the hope somebody would be able to help.

He wrote: "BIKE STOLEN: pls help, Kingston-on-Thames stolen, Friday night 8:30 p.m. kings road co op. KONA ROVE touring + 4 panniers camera computer etc (sic)".

A cinema worker was left baffled after discovering a cucumber had been left behind after a Fifty Shades Darker screening.

The staff member found the vegetable during his shift at the Hayden Orpheum cinema in Sydney, Australia, and shared his bewilderment at finding the object on the company's Twitter account.

He captioned the post: "That awkward moment when you find a cucumber in the cinema after a Fifty Shades session (sic)."