Weird News


February 22, 2017

A partygoer was rushed to A & E after she broke her fingernail on the dance floor.

Poole Hospital and Royal Bournemouth Hospital officials in Dorset have revealed the unusual incident was one of their most memorable cases they have ever witnessed at their site.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, this news came as part of a campaign to people wasting the emergency services time.

Geoffrey Walker of Poole hospital said: "A & E departments are for serious illness or injury and it's important to stress that the vast majority of patients do access the service appropriately.

"For those that don't need A & E there are many alternatives."

McDonald's have invented a J-shaped straw to help customers absorb their milkshakes better.

The fast-food chain introduced the curved piece, which has holes on each side to help with suction, to enable milkshake lovers to enjoy their thick textured beverage when the drink can become lumpy and difficult to suck up.

And with just 20,000 pieces made so far, not all of their customers have been able to get hold of the innovative piece of equipment, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

However, the straw is rumoured to be making its way to the UK as the inventors have reportedly made the piece with a Shamrock Shake in association with St Patrick's Day next month.

Principal engineer and managing partner Seth Newburg, who helped make the piece, said: "It was a puzzling assignment but one with an ambitious goal. From a physics perspective, it's actually quite difficult to deliver a proportional amount of both chocolate and mint flavours with each sip."

A woman's spelling mistake in a newspaper has gone viral.

Brenda wrote to the North Wales Weekly News in the hope of getting people interested in an afternoon art workshop in Colwyn Bay, but an unfortunate typo resulted in her advertising for fart classes instead.

According to the Daily Post, the literary blunder has spread quickly across the UK.

A man waited outside a Walmart store for four hours in the hope a broken letter from the sign would fall on him and he could sue the company.

A social media user named Toyin spotted the man standing underneath a broken letter in the hope it would come crushing down on him and he could seek legal advice and acquire a large sum of money in return.

The onlooker posted a picture of the male patiently waiting his fate on his Twitter account, which read: "Lmao dude on Facebook said he been waiting 4 hours for the P to fall so he could sue Walmart (sic)"

The post has since gone viral with the majority of comments finding the situation hilarious, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.