Weird news


February 27, 2017

A plumber was fired after he took a photograph of his customer's sex toy.

The worker whose identity is not known was given the boot after he shared the picture of the raunchy gadget, which was stuck to a woman's bathroom while he was repairing her pipes, on a secret and controversial Facebook group for men.

Although he initially thought it was some harmless fun, reality struck when a man from the group sent it to one of his female friends who, subsequently, posted it on a secret female Facebook group without knowing the owner of the toy was one of the members.

According to the Adelaide Advertiser, the embarrassed woman reported the plumber to his firm's boss, and he was immediately given the sack.

One of the group members said on the group: "So, who here shared the 'dildo in the bathroom' picture with a female yesterday. It ended up on bad girls' advice and the owner of said dildo saw it. Long story short, end result is the bloke that took the photo is now out a job, which is obviously a less-than-ideal outcome (sic)".

The plumber in question then shared the email from his boss as proof of his firing.

The letter said: "It is with much regret that I must terminate your employment today. Your actions are condemned by me and have put my company in a vulnerable position. As discussed, I know now in hindsight, you regret your actions, but unfortunately they cannot be undone and have caused damage.

"Let me say, I admire your willingness to accept responsibility and accountability for your actions. I thank you for your employ and wish you all the best in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference in future."

A man has claimed he found a dead mouse inside a Diet Coke bottle.

Erick Dixon, from San Pedro Garza Garcia in northeast Mexico, shared his discovery on Facebook Live.

He said: "I found something a bit strange in the top part of the bottle and decided to record a video while emptying the drink."

As he cut open the bottle he claimed to find hairs, he said: "There are hairs in the cover. There are also hairs inside.

"I am going to throw it because it is too disgusting."

He was then seen pouring out the fizzy drink into a sink before declaring there was a rodent trapped in it that wasn't moving.

He continued: "Look at this, something is appearing now. I don't know if you can see it, but this is a rat, inside a Coke bottle. It's a new Coke, just bought in Oxxo. It does not matter where it was bought, but it was new, totally new, and there is a kind of little mouse.

"This is the mouse that invaded my Coke. If you drink Coke, please check it before drinking it."

Coca-Cola are yet to comment.

Residents have turned to hairdryers to help them slow down speeding motorists.

The village of Hopeman in Scotland has armed itself with the electrical appliances and reflective vests to tackle need-for-speed drivers.

The neighbourhood posed as police officers using speed guns to deter speeding drivers.

Moray councillor Dennis Slater told the BBC: "It's very dangerous. The speed that the traffic is doing through Hopeman is quite serious, especially when the kids are going to school in the morning. It's quite alarming.

"This is why some of the residents have resorted to taking out hairdryers and putting on hi-vis vests to try to slow the traffic down."

Members of the neighbourhood have also taken other bizarre measures, such as propping ladders against walls to allow children to climb over back gardens rather than cross the dangerous straightaway.

Meanwhile, the actual police are trying to resolve the issue by dishing out warnings, a fixed penalty or by way of a report to the Procurator Fiscal.