Soap Preview


March 03, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.


As Spectra Fashions found themselves falling on hard times, Sally was reassured that the plan to infiltrate Forrester Creations was necessary. Zende and Nicole returned from their fabulous honeymoon. Despite Thomas' endorsement of Coco, Rick was up in arms when he learnt that the newest Forrester Creations intern was a Spectra. Brooke gave Bill a meaningful birthday gift. A suspicious Charlie kept a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn during their interactions at the office, but Pam was in disbelief about the affair. Meanwhile, Eric nearly learnt about his wife's infidelity. Bill asked Brooke to accompany him to a special place where he could show her how much she meant to him.

Watch for: Star-crossed lovers embark on a new journey together. Sisters prove that a family's bond is the most powerful. Sally sheds light on her upbringing.


Rafe and Hope enjoyed a romantic evening together. Nicole made one last heartfelt plea to try to persuade Chloe to give back her baby. Kayla delivered some unexpected news to Joey and Jade. Sonny made a pitch to Victor to make him the successor to Deimos. Meanwhile, Deimos put his plan in motion to kidnap Holly. Nicole was furious about Brady's update on Eric. Dario had a confession for Gabi. Chad offered Abigail a job. Nicole made a desperate move. Tension rose between Sonny and Paul. Chad and Abigail continued to grow closer. Sonny informed Brady of his plan to take on Deimos. Chad and Abigail had an uncomfortable run-in with Gabi.

Watch for: Nicole fears for her life as she hides out with Holly. Eric tells Jennifer that he won't accept a job at the Horton Center. Ciara confides in Hope about her feelings for Theo.


Sonny looked forward to a future with Carly. Julian got a lucky break. Finn apologised to Hayden. Laura failed Tracy. Carly considered her future with Sonny. Finn made a huge sacrifice. Michael confided in his father. Bobbie offered Nelle a little friendly advice. Franco made an effort to stay close to Liz. Julian's days were suddenly numbered. Nelle planned her escape. Jason broke his promise. Alexis turned to Jordan for help. Michael was blindsided. Jason and Franco went toe to toe. Liz received some devastating news. Nelle decided to come clean. Kevin looked for answers. Robin feared for her mother's life. Monica helped Alexis through a difficult time. Jordan interrogated Ava. Nelle said she wanted a future with Michael.

Watch for: Griffin puts himself in harm's way. Laura strikes a deal with Nina. Anna comes face to face with her past.


Jill warned Jack that she was going to buy him out of his share of Fenmore's. Colin begged Cane to let him stay with him until he got back on his feet. Noah told Sharon that he and Marisa broke up. At Jabot, Michael caught Gloria giving Jack a shoulder massage. Nikki was amused when Victoria told her that she grounded Reed for using her credit card. Nikki reminded her daughter of all the trouble she caused when she was a teen as well. Cane was thrilled with his promotion to head up the Asia division of Brash & Sassy. Sharon informed Noah that Dylan was in the witness protection programme. Jill was determined to move on without Colin despite the fact that he still loved her. Faith wasn't thrilled to discover that Nick and Chelsea were going out on a date. Victoria was impressed with Reed's songs.

Watch for: Kevin has a surprise for Chloe. Ashley draws the line with Ravi. Jill receives a special delivery.