Weird News


March 03, 2017

A student has started selling taxidermy pencil cases online.

Jack Devaney, a 22-year-old University student, has created his own shop on craft website where he makes and sells his own range of dead animals which have been fitted with a pouch and a zip in order to store pens and pencils.

The 3D design student posted photos of his merchandise on photo-sharing site Imgur last week, and at the time of writing, one photo of a case made out of a real dead rat has received over 500,000 views, which Jack says has dramatically increased his sales.

He told 0website "They're most popular in America, but I've also sold them in Norway. I think it's great that I've managed to sell some.

"There's been a varied response. The average posts range from 'This guy is a nut job' to 'Where can I get one?' But I'm always polite when I'm responding."

Jack admits he tried a number of buy-and-sell websites before he settled on Etsy, and says he was even banned from other sites.

He added to the publication: "They were selling boring stuff like fridges and no one was talking to each other.

"All I wanted to do was put a smile on their faces. I think some people choose to be offended. They could just ignore it. There are plenty of other ways to share them and that's why I posted them on Imgur and Etsy."

At the time of writing, Jack's online shop, named The World Around Ewe, has three items for sale which include a bookmark made out of a rabbit, the famous rat pencil case, and a taxidermy rat's behind.

A former police officer has allegedly tried to build a zombie army.

Arsen Bairambekov from the remote Russian town of Verkhnyaya Pysmha approximately 900 miles east of Moscow has been accused of murdering his victims, burying bodies, and then returning "some time later" to dig them back up, believing that the sacrifices he had performed gave him the powers of necromancy.

Allegedly, Bairambekov planned on using these powers to reawaken the dead and build himself an army of zombies.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, investigators on the case said: "He tried to bring the dead back to life and turn them into zombies. However, all his attempts were futile."

However, despite his alleged crimes, his legal team for his case have entered a plea bargain with prosecutors to ensure he faces a maximum jail sentence of just 12 years.

It isn't the first alleged crime committed by Bairambekov either, as he is also charged with dealing firearms and assassinating two businessmen in 2002 and 2010.