Woman fined for smashing window at airport


March 04, 2017
Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

A British Jamaican woman who caused a ruckus and smashed a window at the Norman Manley International Airport was slapped with a $70,000 fine when she appeared in court yesterday.

Elisa Pearch, a 37-year-old hairdresser, pleaded guilty to the charges of malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct. She told the Crown that she had an explanation for what transpired at the airport on February 17.

"Two policemen took me to a room and start do me real bad. Me f*$t when one a them grab me, and them say me ago sh%#t up meself when them done with me'," Pearch relayed.

She added that one of the policemen grabbed her from behind and she shoved him off, which caused him to collide in the window and it shattered.

The window is valued at $25,000.

disorderly manner

However, the prosecution presented a different version of what transpired. They said an officer at the airport observed Pearch behaving in a noisy and disorderly manner. The officer also reported that Pearch refused to be interviewed by immigration personnel, saying they were not police officers.

Based on those observations, the officer approached her and took her to a room to be interviewed when she continued to behave boisterously. He also informed her of the repercussions of her actions, to which she allegedly responded, "Do wha you wah [expletive] do."

She was then arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct, as well as a charge of indecent language. However, the Crown dropped the latter charges after she pleaded not guilty and no evidence was offered.

The presiding judge Andrea Collins handed down a sentence of $60,000 or six months for malicious destruction of property, and $10,000 or 30 days for disorderly conduct.

Pearch then advised the court that she will pay the fines and begged for the return of her passport as she is to return to England on Tuesday.

- S.W.