Weird News


March 09, 2017

Weird News

A pilot had to divert a plane because of a foul smell.

A SpiceJet aircraft, which was flying from Bangalore to Delhi in India, was forced to change direction and land at the nearest airport when passengers noticed a bad scent coming from the toilets during their journey.

According to The Mirror Online the strong odour was unbearable, and when it wafted towards the pilots in the cockpit they had no other option but to land prematurely and investigate.

A spokesperson for the airline said: "SpiceJet B-737 operatingSG192 had to be diverted to Hyderabad due to very foul smell from forward lavatory coming into the cockpit.

"After landing in Hyderabad, the lavatory and cockpit were thoroughly cleaned and ventilated before the aircraft was released for service."

But after a thorough inspection of the transportation, which saw the plane cleaned and ventilated for three hours, the source of the scent was still unknown.

A study has proved almost 70 per cent of women fake their orgasms with their partner.

Research carried out on 5708 people by dating website VictoriaMilan has discovered a large percentage of females pretend to have reached a climax when they haven't, and 10 per cent of those decide to pretend to have reached their ultimate pleasure to end their romp quicker.

Although 43 per cent of women claim they put on the false groans while they are in the midst of a steamy sex session, 39 per cent believe their partner has no clue they are not enjoying he intimate moment as much as they let on.

Speaking about the shocking results, Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said: "Women have been faking orgasms for centuries, and now we have revealed why and it's not what people typically suspect: to end the sex. Certainly, women perform fake orgasms to encourage their partners, but they also get pleasure from the theatre and the attention a fake orgasm brings them."

The study has also shown Poland is the most popular country to fake orgasms, while Spain are the least likely.

A turtle's shell cracked after it ate 915 coins.

A 25-year-old female sea reptile named Omsin, but was also known as Bank, had to undergo a seven-hour operation to remove the money she ingested, which weighed in at five kilograms, because it started to crack her hard outer layer and caused an infection.

According to Sky News, the coins were thrown into Omsin's habitat as part of a good luck ritual in Thailand.

However, the poor animal also had to have two fish hooks taken out of her stomach too.

A public appeal has since been launched in a bid to raise approximately PS350 to help pay for her surgery.

Meanwhile, Omsin has been put on a liquid diet while she recovers.

An apprentice was told to rub Viagra on his chest to ahead of steamy sex session with his girlfriend.

Richard Davis was advised by his colleagues at a roofing company to mix the libido-enhancing medication with milk before massaging the concoction on to his torso in a bid to look more muscular and impress his partner in the bedroom department during their romantic trip away.

The 17-year-old's colleague Scott Nicholls filmed the moment Richard returned to work bragging about his love life, and the effect of him lathering himself in the creamy substance before getting hot under the bed sheets with his girlfriend, which has been obtained by the Mirror Online.

And Scott was shocked when he realised Richard had listened to his advice.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, Scott said: "I can't believe he actually did it. He's a bit gullible and we're always playing pranks on him but I'm amazed he actually told us about it.

"I'd been chatting to him the week before and he was asking advice about how to use it because he'd never taken it before and he'd booked a hotel for him and his missus.

"I explained that if he took half the tablet and rubbed milk on it, he could rub it on his muscles and it would make them go hard along with everything else.

"He seemed to enjoy it anyway so maybe I did him a favour."

Richard has vowed not to take any advice from his boss in the future.