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March 10, 2017
@Normal:Eric Martsolf plays Brady Black on 'Days Of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.


BEAUTIFUL: RJ and Coco shared a sweet kiss. Ridge met with the group at Forrester Creations and informed them of what would be happening in Australia. Coco arrived back at the Spectra offices and told them all about her first day on the job at their rival's.

Sally became skeptical of their plan after seeing how happy her sister was about RJ, but reluctantly gave her the "bugged" jewellery. Katie was honoured when Brooke invited her to Steffy's wedding in Australia. Ivy felt validated after showing Quinn a model of one of her designs, but soon doubted it was sincere. Charlie grew suspicious of Ridge. Katie witnessed an intimate moment between Quinn and Ridge. Charlie and Pam were determined to find out whose lipstick was on Ridge's napkin. Brooke modelled her wedding dress for Katie.

Watch For: Comic relief ensues when Sally finds herself sitting next to passengers without any social boundaries. Once adversaries, cousins reach common ground during wedding planning. A married woman attempts to conceal her misstep with another from her husband.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady searched for Nicole, who ran into some serious trouble. Joey was there for Jade before she was admitted to surgery. Steve received a mysterious call. Adrienne and Justin shared a tender moment. Gabi was flustered when Chad again asked for her help. Steve learnt a shocking truth about his past. Meanwhile, Kayla's life was in danger. Dario continued to fall hard for Abigail while the worked on a project together. Steve tried his best to rescue Kayla.

Chad made a bold move to dismantle Deimos and his empire. Eli forced Valerie to tell Julie the truth. Sonny and Paul tried to find out what they could about Deimos' connection to the stolen antiquities. Steve relayed his shocking discovery to Kayla and Joey.

Watch For: Chad makes a confession to Abigail about Gabi. Eric pushes Jennifer away. Claire lashes out at Ciara and later makes a devious move.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: It appeared that Alexis finally washed her hands of Julian. Laura struck a deal with Nina. Valentin met with his lawyer. Anna came face to face with her past. Liv finally got what she wanted. Nina took sides. Jordan pressed Julian for information. Liv wanted Anna dead. Michael doubted his father.

Carly demanded to know the truth. Kiki decided to forgive Ava. Jason and Sam received some bad news. Nelle crossed Michael. Brad confronted Finn. Griffin made a huge sacrifice. Jason risked his life. Sam and Alexis compared notes. Liv used Ava as bait. Finn's addiction got the best of him.

Watch For: Ava adds fuel to Carly's fire. Curtis questions Andre's motives. Kiki turns to Dillon for comfort.


RESTLESS: Lauren asked Victor for an update on the ransom exchange for Scott. Chelsea admitted she wasn't sure how to make Faith approve of their relationship. Abby confided in Ashley that she had a heated exchange with Victor over a business deal. Phyllis was suspicious of Jack's behaviour and asked him if he was seeing someone. Chelsea was surprised when Faith visited the penthouse to apologise.

Mariah was annoyed when she learnt that Hilary scheduled a photo shoot without her. Lily did her best to warn Jordan about Hilary. Cane called Victoria from Tokyo and assured her that he wouldn't leave until he made a deal with Mr. Sato, a high-powered Japanese businessman. Reed fled the stage at an open mic after he thought Zoey was laughing at him.

Watch For: Devon has second thoughts about divorcing Hilary. Lily fears for her safety. Cane smells victory.