Weird News


March 13, 2017

Weird News

A driver in Bristol has come up with an inventive way to protect their car parking space. The unnamed resident attached yellow and black hazard tape to two wheelie bins, and placed the elaborate blockade in the road beside the pavement with enough space between to fit two cars, as they hoped to reserve the space for a removal lorry which was due to arrive on Friday. Two large notes attached to each bin read: "Please leave this space for removal lorry, 0700, Fri 10/03 (sic)" The Bristol Post newspaper reports the contraption was first spotted on Wednesday, freeing up the space on the roadside for a full two days before it was needed, and doubt annoying other local drivers. But Bristol City Council have now confirmed that no one has the right to commandeer a roadside parking space, and a driver would have been able to move the bins and park in that space should they have needed to.

A spokesperson for the council told the publication: "This area has not been officially suspended by Bristol City Council's Parking Services team so we are unable to undertake any enforcement action against any vehicles parking in this location. Parking Services can legally cone off an area such as this by using its 'No Waiting' cones, but there is a charge associated with providing this service. The tape and bins could be seen as an obstruction of the highway and, therefore, be removed by the council."

Over 30 people are thought to be 'possessed' after finding a voodoo doll in a Central American village. Residents of the small village of Santa Tomas, close to Waspan in the south of Nicaragua, are believed to be suffering from the culture-bound syndrome grisi siknis, which translates into English as 'crazy sickness'.

The contagious syndrome sees its victims express symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, dizziness and irrational anger and fear. One member of the Santa Tomas community, known as Marisella, attempted to help her neighbours by making a home remedy for the illness, and upon investigating the disease further, believes she has found the cause of their troubles in the form of a small voodoo doll. She told Central American media: "A doll with black ribbon and a cross marked on its face [has been found in a street]. It suggests that it's affected by dark spells and bad influences. A type of bad spirit." Residents of Santa Tomas have reportedly decided to burn the doll to prevent further 'possessions', but it is unknown as of yet whether the disease has stopped claiming victims.

A hotel in Russia is handing out advice on what to do if you're kidnapped. The unnamed hotel in the city of Rostov gives their patrons an information guide when they book a hotel room, which features a section titled 'If you are held hostage or kidnapped'.

A man, known simply as Matt, found the strange information guide when he travelled to Russia as one of 238 Manchester United fans who made the long journey to see their team's Europa League game with FC Rustov. Taking to Twitter to post a picture of the information, Matt said: "My hotel in Rostov offers advice I've never had at any hotel anywhere else in the world." The advice, written in broken English, recommends that guests 'shouldn't resist' if they find themselves being kidnapped.

They are told to comply with any demands, remember movements and appearances, and try to recall sights and sounds if they are moved. Despite the slightly worrying contents of the information guide, Mat insists everyone he's met at the hotel so far have been 'very pleasant.' When asked by fellow Manchester United fans if it was cause for concern, Matt said: "It's very run, down but the people so far are very pleasant. There's a few bars dotted about, too. Not seen any trouble."