Weird News


March 14, 2017

Authorities are mystified as to why a five-foot-long dead shark was left in the parking lot of a northeast Florida Wal-Mart just days before another dead shark was found nearby.

The St Augustine Record reports that St Johns County Sheriff's deputies were called to the store parking lot last week after the shark was found in a shopping cart.

Deputies talked to the owner of an RV parked nearby and learnt that the RV owner had awakened to find the shark on his vehicle's hood. The owner said that he then put it in the cart.

The sheriff's office says that days later, they were called to a driveway in Vilano Beach and found another dead shark.

The deputies called in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to dispose of the sharks.

Fire crews slipped an oxygen mask over the face of a 20-pound iguana after rescuing the creature from a house fire in Oregon.

Pendleton Fire Department Assistant Chief Shawn Penninger tells the East Oregonian that only an adult human and the reptile were at home at the time of the fire on Friday afternoon. The person was unharmed.

Penninger says that crews removed the iguana from the heavily damaged home and gave it oxygen.

The fire department on Saturday said that they didn't know the iguana's name.

Investigators say that a preliminary investigation shows the cause of the fire to be improperly disposed smoking material.

An estimate of damage to the home where a family of three lives also wasn't available.

Police say a couple in Ohio staged a murder scene in a bathtub in which they poured ketchup over her and he then sent pictures to friends, saying he had done it.

Sandusky officers showed up after getting calls on Thursday night from three people police say were "hysterical."

That's when officers discovered that the scene in the couple's bathtub had been staged.

Police say that Nataleigh Schlette and Micah Risner are charged with inducing panic. Both pleaded not guilty on Friday.

Police Sergeant Dawn Allen tells the Sandusky Register that while it might have been funny to the couple, it wasn't a joke to the police.

The couple couldn't be reached for comment. No telephone numbers were listed for them. Court records didn't indicate whether they had an attorney.

A moose on the loose caught several skiers and snowboarders by surprise as it galloped headlong down a run at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado.

Cheri Luther was snowboarding on Friday when she saw the moose approaching, and she shot video of the large animal coming within feet of her.

Luther, who kept snowboarding, is heard saying, "Oh, my God! I don't know where to go" before screaming as the moose ran by her.

Resort officials say that no one was hurt, and the encounter is a good reminder that skiers and snowboarders share the mountain with wildlife.

In late December, a rare lynx strolled nonchalantly across the Purgatory resort in southwestern Colorado, walking through a crowd of skiers and snowboarders, who stopped to take videos.