Weird news


March 15, 2017

A woman complained about her takeaway order only to land a date with an employee.

Tarryn McDowall ordered chicken satay via HungryHouse only to receive a Thai green curry instead, and when she complained to customer services staff member John about the mishap, the pair instantly hit it off.

According to The Mirror Online, John who is based in Berlin, Germany later asked Tarryn out for dinner, and had to stop himself from writing a "really dirty" and flirtatious reply via the online complaints service.

Speaking about their interaction, John said: "I wanted to write something really dirty then."

Tarryn thought that was the end of their romance as she was unable to get John's details, but HungryHouse flew their colleague to hand-deliver the meaty dish to Tarryn so the duo could meet.

She explained: "Would really like to say yes, but I didn't receive his details so was unable to contact him. It would be awesome to get in touch with John again.

"It was amazing to finally meet John, he's such a nice guy and kept cracking a lot of 'nutty' jokes.

"It felt really special to be delivered the takeaway in person. We are definitely going to stay in touch, and who knows what may happen".

An otter was spotted walking through a supermarket in Ireland over the weekend.

Shoppers in Castlebar's Tesco were in for a shock of their lives shortly after 9 a.m. on Sunday, when the beautiful sea creature waltzed in through the store's front door and started pacing down the aisles through the stunned onlookers.

Although most people were too terrified to approach the animal, a local man who wished to remain anonymous carried the creature back to the Lough Lannagh.

Speaking to the Irish Sun newspaper, he said: "The poor little guy was very difficult to hold. He was squirming and was clearly very distressed. But I knew if I dropped him anywhere short of the lake, he'd be close to traffic.

"He got a hold of my finger at one stage and sank his tooth through my nail. I had to go to a GP for a tetanus shot afterwards, but I guess it had to be done."

Once in water, the otter swam towards an area of the lake sheltered by reeds.

Japanese brides clamber on top of a giant penis model in yearly ceremony for good luck.

The Hodare festival, which takes place in the city of Nagaoka every second Sunday in March, sees women who have married in the past year adorn traditional bridal gowns as they straddle the phallic object that is carried through the area, the Mirror Online has reported.

And the annual festivity is in a bid to bring good fortune, luck, happiness and fertility to the newlyweds after the seven-foot erect statue has been mounted.

A "cute rodent" has reportedly been found on Mars.

A NASA photograph taken of the planet, which has since been obtained by the Express Online, has set tongues wagging that life exists in outer space as it appears to capture a squirrel-like animal crawling between two boulders.

Alongside the image, the UFO Sightings Daily website wrote: "It is really amazing and strange. I guess that's why I love this one so much. It's a cute rodent on Mars."