Weird news


March 16, 2017

A homeless man has been found living in a storage box naked.

A 56-year-old male named Scott Hansen was found living inside a container near Children's World of Margate, which is a children's day-care centre in Florida, earlier this month.

According to WPLG, the man never wore any clothes when he lived in the box and stayed there with the door wide open.

A police report made by Margate police officer Armando Hernandez has revealed that Scott has since been arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

A woman has reportedly lost all of her belongings after being wrongly evicted from her home.

Brianna Davis was kicked out of her Jacksonville apartment by her landlords while she was in a lesson, and was alerted to the upheaval by her sisters.

Speaking about the incident, she said: "She says, 'You have to hurry up and get here, the maintenance cleaned out our apartment, they trashed everything.'"

However, as Brianna arrived home, all that was left was her bed frame.

Brianna revealed that the maintenance workers had mistaken her room for 213, which was the one that needed to be cleared out.

She explained: "They were supposed to be going in apartment 213 and they went in apartment 223. The property manager said it was a mix-up. That was the excuse she gave me."

According to Action News Jax website, Brianna is unsure what to do next as she doesn't want to keep her belongings, which have been in the rubbish.

She added: "They tried to give me the stuff out of the dumpster, but, I mean, who would want that. I have been sleeping on my floor, which I shouldn't have to; but I've been sleeping on my floor waiting for something to happen. I want them to pay for all my stuff that I've lost."

Mourners twerk at funeral

A group of funeral guests twerked during the procession.

Mourners gathered for the send-off of their loved one, and as the coffin was carried around, people who attended the ceremony tapped loudly on the top of the casket and cheered, while one woman shook her bottom before she clambered on top of the box to continue dancing before being joined by another guest.

The video, which has been obtained by The Mirror newspaper, has gone viral as it has been viewed more than 313,000 times.

The clip shows crowds of people gathered around the wooden coffin as party music blared from nearby speakers.

However, one man was unimpressed by the behaviour and attempted to balance flowers on top of the coffin, which are continually knocked off by the dancing guest.