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March 17, 2017
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke accused Katie of seeking revenge and making up the story of Ridge and Quinn's affair. Witnessing the love and appreciation that Ridge and Eric had for each other convinced Brooke even more that Katie's allegation was false. Quinn had a difficult time concentrating on work while being consumed with the thought of she and Ridge getting caught. The bride, groom and wedding party embarked on a luxurious journey to Australia for Steffy and Liam's destination wedding. Thomas surprised Sally by asking her to be his date to the wedding. On the plane to Australia, Katie felt bad for Bill having to watch Brooke and Ridge together. Having decided to accept Thomas' invitation, Sally caught a flight to Sydney that fit more with the Spectra budget than the Forrester one.

Watch for: An unwelcome guest makes his or her way to a destination wedding. A betrothed woman must make a decision about whom to trust. Picturesque Sydney, Australia, becomes the backdrop to a momentous occasion.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole hid out with Holly. Victor was angry that Brady was once again ensnared in Nicole's web. Kate commended Chad for his sneaky move against Deimos. Sonny told Paul that he needed incriminating evidence against Deimos. With help from Kate, Justin and Lucas treated Adrienne to a day of pampering. Abigail and Chad held a press conference to publicise that night's Salem High charity event. Chad couldn't get Gabi out of his head. Julie organised a Horton gathering to welcome Eli to the family. Ciara finally told Claire about her feelings for Theo. Abigail found Chad and Gabi in an awkward moment. Steve and Kayla received some new information on Ava's son. Joey tried to let Jade down easy.

Watch for: Chad makes a confession to Abigail about Gabi. Eric pushes Jennifer away. Claire lashes out at Ciara and later makes a devious move.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lulu asked Kevin for some help. Carly sought revenge. Curtis questioned Andre's motives. Liz struggled with Helena's influence over Jake. Sonny tracked down Rudge. Liv tried to escape. Sonny knew what he must do. Jordan took Ava to the PCPD. Alexis feared the worst. Kiki found comfort with Dillon. Laura had a warning for Valentin. Dante and Lulu suffered a minor setback. Franco was troubled by what he learnt during a therapy session. Sam was touched by Liz's gift. Alexis was ready to learn the truth. Dante urged Sonny to change his ways. Ava was besieged with guilt. Alexis reflected on her feelings for Julian. A visit with Liv further frustrated Anna. Jason helped Carly understand.

Watch for: Valentin catches Lulu off guard. Anna lays into Andre. Carly can't see past Sonny's betrayal.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon enrolled in some courses at GC University. The guilt of knowing the truth about Christian's paternity weighed heavily on Chelsea, especially after Victor threatened her not to tell Nick. Juliet offered to be Cane's tour guide in Tokyo. Lily was shaken when an obsessed fan cornered her in the green room at the bridal fair. A judge refused to make Hilary and Devon's divorce official until all the financial matters were settled first. Billy reminded Victoria that she could always count on him. Ravi impressed everyone at the charity benefit with his knowledge of opera. Neil offered to lend Colin some money so he could leave town. Jack reminded Gloria that there would never be anything serious between them. Billy was furious to learn that Jabot specifically, Jack was trying to steal his deal with the NHL.

Watch For: Jack encourages Hilary to fight dirty. Sharon makes a connection with Scott. Nick demands answers from Chelsea.