Weird news


March 20, 2017

Just Eat will sell pizzas for one penny to anyone named Mary in a 24-hour sale.

The online food-delivery service has teamed up with Mayfair Pizza Company to offer the Italian dish, with the classic cheese and tomato topping, at a slashed price for one day only to anyone who shares the same name as the former 'Great British Bake Off' judge, Mary Berry.

The pizza giveaway started at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, and was launched in a bid to entice the chef to sample a tasty margherita after it was recently revealed the 81-year-old culinary mastermind had never enjoyed a takeaway pizza in her entire life

With pizza's being the most ordered takeaway through Just Eat, the company advised potential customers to hurry and place their order.

The first 50 customers named Mary, who order through the Mayfair Pizza Company page on the Just Eat platform, will be able to claim their bargain feast by selecting the 'collection' option and providing photo ID upon pickup.

A woman has banned SpongeBob SquarePants from her house because it makes her want to eat sponges.

Candice Knox has been forced to ban the cartoon from being watched at home, and has to keep an emergency supply of the absorbing products in her handbag as well as the glove compartment in her car to feed her unusual craving during the day.

Speaking about her eating habits, the 36-year-old woman told the Daily Mirror newspaper: SpongeBob SquarePants is banned in my house due to the fact it makes my mouth water every time it comes on television. If SpongeBob ever had visit our beautiful country, I would advise him not to come to the East Rand. It's just safer that way."

However, it isn't just the sight of a yellow porous object that sets her off salivating, as the smell of a wet sponge is enough to trigger her hunger pangs.

A thrill seeker was left petrified after riding Derren Brown's Ghost Train.

A bungee jumper has dared to brave a number of stomach-churning tasks in a bid to get an adrenalin rush, but he was left trembling with fear after experiencing the dark ride at Thorpe Park, although she wasn't fazed by being attached to a cord and jumping from a height.

The theme park in Surrey has carried out tests on its updated ride Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon using 10 fearless volunteers, ranging from thrill-seekers to security guards and a stunt woman, who were expected to cope with fear.

During a trial of the new attraction, the highest heart rate was recorded at 183 beats per minute (bpm) and belonged to bungee jumper Emilia Cain.

Speaking about the experience, she said: "As a bungee jumper, I face fear on a regular basis, but this was a new level in fear so, so real and absolutely terrifying."

Using heart rate as an associated marker, it's been proven in 'On Combat' by Dave Grossman that heart rates over 175bpm induce irrational fight-or-flee behaviour, loss of depth perception, freezing, and cognitive processing can deteriorate while afraid.

Thorpe Park has called for more volunteers to test the new additions, which have been adapted following feedback from fans in 2016 demanding even more shocks.

An insurance firm has urged homeowners to take extra measures to protect their possessions against possible alien invasion.

NASA recently announced seven exoplanets, three of which could potentially support life, had been discovered, but the news has sparked fear among homeowners who are deciding whether their homes and possessions need to be protected if otherworldly creatures are set to settle on Earth.

A home and life insurance firm has even launched a waiting list offering additional security measures to their clients.

A product expert at Budget Insurance, David King, said: "Our standard terms and conditions cover a wide range of eventualities, but don't currently stretch to damage caused by alien life forms travelling to Earth. However, who knows what may happen in the future? To be on the safe side, we're opening a waiting list for customers who'd be keen to take out anti-alien damage cover, should the need arise."