Weird news


March 21, 2017

A hairdresser in Germany is offering massages carried out by his pet snake.

Frank Doehlen, proprietor of the Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, Germany, has been trying to entice customers into his shop and thought a good way to grab their attention is by enlisting the help of the slithery python named Monty, who will gently soothe their knots by wrapping his body around their necks while they're having their tresses tamed.

Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Doehlen said: "Only by appointment. Monty's terrarium has no more space in the salon. I always bring it with me at the customer's request."

Doehlen was inspired to add the massages after watching the technique during a trip to South Africa, and it looks like it's already proving a hit with customers.

Flora Magdalena said: "I often have a tense neck as a chimney sweep. Monty's powerful way has done a lot of work. I'll be back!"

A man caressed a cement mixer because he thought it was a woman.

A male, who has not been named, was caught getting intimate with the machine, and he blamed his confusion on him having "not got brains".

In the video footage, which has been obtained by The Mirror Online, the man can be heard talking to the puzzled onlooker who filmed the moment. He said: "I've not got brains mate. I f ... king thought I was rubbing her a ...

I thought it was a bird, mate."

A survey has proved that one in seven people struggle to open their car bonnet.

Research conducted by insurance company Privilege has discovered almost 10 per cent of the population have difficulty unbolting the front of their vehicles to reach the mechanical area.

Meanwhile, 90 per cent of people would have severe difficulty checking the oil level of their transport, changing a burst tyre, or jump-starting their car, according to the study, which was also obtained by the Metro newspaper.

A customer ordered pizza and made a special request for toilet roll with her food delivery.

A restaurant named Firehouse Pizza in Booterstown, Dublin, was shocked when they received an order from a consumer through Just Eat asking if they could bring along a reel of tissue with them when they delivered the feast, but only if they had extra in their own restroom, according to the Daily Edge.

Under the special request section on the receipt, which was also shared on a social media users' Twitter account, as well as a member of staff's WhatsApp group, it read: "If you have a spare roll of toilet in the bathroom of the restaurant could you bring it please."

And it has been reported that the customer received their additional request as well as their Italian dish topped with chorizo, Cajun chicken, sweet corn and caramelised onions.