Weird News


March 23, 2017

A nail salon has been charging overweight customers more for a pedicure.

A Facebook user shared a photograph of the notice on the door of Rose Nails in Tennessee, US, and it has been getting quite the reaction from people on the social media site.

The handwritten note reads: "Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 (PS36) due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you! (sic)"

Rose Nails is yet comment.

A study has proved almost 70 per cent of people living in London have to look good when they work out.

Research carried out by Hammerson a company which owns a variety of large shopping centres across the UK has revealed almost three quarters of people living in England's capital are style conscious when they work up a sweat, with fitness fanatics spending on average just over PS50 on their athleisurewear.

Meanwhile, 80 per cent of Welsh people are more concerned about the actual exercise, and 71 per cent ditch the technological gadgets when they exercise.

Speaking about the change in attitude across the UK to fitness, the head of marketing at Hammerson, Fiona Campbell-Roberts, said:

"Sportswear and athleisure has seen massive growth as a category with fashion brands extending their ranges to include fitness clothing.

"Our research shows that as fitness has become a bigger priority for people in their everyday lives, so has the desire to buy the right kit to help motivate themselves even more."

Deliveroo has teamed up with Design Works and built a bicycle out of unused kitchen utensils. The online food delivery company has discovered almost 30 million households in the UK don't use an average of PS7 billion worth of cutlery, which totals over 900 million appliances, and to put the neglected items to use Deliveroo has collated the items and designed a fully functioning two-wheeled mode of transport that will be used by 12,000 members of staff to deliver feasts to their customers.

The innovative campaign is in the hope it will encourage more people to spring clean their kitchen and leave the cooking to professional chefs.

Speaking about the creation the head of production at Design Works, Sean Miles, said: "My cupboards are full of expensive cooking gadgets that are collecting nothing but dust. It's so sad to see these materials steel, wood, and glass fall into obsolescence. This project, to make unloved and unused equipment useful again, appealed to my 'Make Do and Mend' sensibilities. It's so exciting to work with Deliveroo to give a new lease of life to thousands of perfectly good raw materials."

People think the 'world's largest chicken' is a man dressed up in a costume. A video of the oversized bird appeared on Facebook and has left viewers flabbergasted about whether or not it is a legitimate animal.

The clip shows the bird poking its head through a small gap in a hutch.

The poultry then shows off its size as it parades around the farmland.

One Facebook user wrote: "I could have sworn as it was first stepping out that it was a man in a chicken costume. (sic)"

The bird is said to be of the Brahmans variety, which is the largest type of