Weird News


March 25, 2017

Weird News

Japan's oldest porn star is retiring at the age of 80.

Maori Tezuka has decided to stop stripping off for X-rated movies at the ripe old age after nine years in the business because of the lack of hot men about to seduce her and keep up with her extreme sex drive.

However, she hasn't ruled out returning to work as a sex worker should the right "type" of man come along.

According to, she told local press: "Once the lights go on, you just do your best.

"I have no regrets, but shooting became difficult when the actor wasn't my type.

"It was never about the money for me. I've already been asked about returning in two or three years I said I'd think about it."

A woman couldn't believe her luck when she nibbled on her boiled egg and a diamond fell out.

Sally Thomson, who is set to get married to her fiance Steven Warwick in May this year, got the surprise of her life when she demolished six eggs that she'd cooked up for breakfast and discovered the sparkling jewel in her mouth, which farmers think came from the chicken.

Sally, of Carlisle, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm trying to lose a bit of weight just before the wedding and I cooked a batch of eggs all at once to eat over a few days. I took one, peeled it and bit into it when I feel something like gristle in my mouth. It fell on to the plate and I couldn't understand where it had come from I thought it had come from me.

"There was this little bit of jewellery on the plate and I couldn't understand where it had come from. The only place could have been from the egg. I believe in superstitions like find a feather, pick it up and I think there must be something about the timing of this coming."

A multimillion pound dinosaur attraction is coming to the UK this June. 'Dinosaurs in the Wild' will officially open to the public in June.

It comes from the creators of the BBC's 'Walking With Dinosaurs' and combines theatre, theme park fun and the latest science.

Thanks to cutting-edge computer-generated imagery and animatronics kids can get an insight into the prehistoric world, where visitors will feel as though they are really there, in the time of the dinosaurs.

The main attraction is the Pathology Laboratory, which holds an array of unusual Dinosaur specimens and creatures such as the Purgatorius, the genus of the four extinct eutherian species typically believed to be the earliest example of a primate or a proto-primate, a primatomorph precursor to the Plesiadapiformes, dating to as old as 66 million years.

There will be a total of nine dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus rex, the Triceratops, Alamosaurus and the club-tailed Ankylosaurus, the whale-sized Prognathodon and the flying Quetzalcoatlu 'Dinosaurs in the Wild' reveals a first-look at the Pathology Laboratory, which unveils unusual Dinosaur specimens and creatures such as the very first human ancestor a tiny squirrel-like creature called Purgatorius. The new immersive experience will be open to the public from Saturday 24 June 2017 at Birmingham's NEC.'

Brent Cross Shopping Centre are opening the world's first Human Gift

-Wrapping Service.

Children will be allowed to give them selves as a present this

Mothering Sunday (26.03.17) by getting covered in an array of paper,

ribbons, boxes and bows, ready to spend precious time with their mums.

Kids who want to give their mum the sought-after gift of quality time

with their children, can visit the wrapping station in the centre in

north London and be wrapped up in time to be delivered to their mother

by a member of staff.

Tom Nathan, the general manager of Brent Cross said: "Brent Cross

Shopping Centre is a popular destination for families and we know

there's nothing more important than spending quality time as a family.

There is a wealth of gifts on offer for mum's throughout the centre

but we want to give mums something they really want this Mother's Day.

We can't guarantee the kids will be on their best behaviour on the

day, but we're offering shoppers this unique service to deliver mum

her perfect present."

The exclusive in-centre Mother's Day Wrapping Station is available for

a limited time at Brent Cross Shopping Centre in the lead up to

Mother's Day.