weird news


March 30, 2017

A woman has been arrested for listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat loudly.

ITV reported that Sonia Bryce from Willenhall near Walsall in the West Midlands will spend time in prison after she allegedly played his number one hit Shape of You from his latest album, Divide, extremely loudly.

The woman had previously been cautioned about "creating a nuisance" in a court order from her landlords.

And in December, she was arrested and accused of breaching the order with the flame-haired hunk's track.

According to The Independent newspaper, a judge ruled that she would be "wholly unacceptable level of disturbance".

She was reportedly told by the court: "You must learn that you should behave as a reasonable and responsible adult and not make life for your neighbours the misery that you have."

Unhappy Americans can now get sweet revenge on President Donald Trump by purchasing Smith & Sinclair's limited edition 'Trump Sucks' lollipops on National 'Something On A Stick' Day (Tuesday).

About 500 have gone up for pre-order online for PS5 each with 10 per cent of profits going to Planned Parenthood.

They've gone on sale in protest to Trump's executive order to ban federal money going to international groups which perform or provide information on abortions.

They came in two gruesome flavours, Butterscotch & Sea Salt and Strawberry & Mint.

Flight attendants have witnessed babies poo in the aisles and couples have oral sex on aeroplanes.

Staff have shared their bizarre sightings on Quora in a bid to share with the world many of the things they witness travellers do on a daily basis and still manage to cause shock.

One recalled seeing a mother let her child foul in the aisle, a couple giving each other mouth sex in their seats, and a parent putting their baby in the overhead cabin.

Former flight attendant Heather Wilde said: "People change their babies on the snack trays in full view of everyone like it is perfectly normal behaviour. Others decide it is too risky to use the lavatory to join the mile high club and just ask for a pillow then leave it on the seat when they leave (which then goes straight into the trash)."

And air hostess Olivia Roqua recalled a hair-raising experience.

She said: "One lady handed me a teacup to clear, then asked me to wait while she pulled some long loose strands of hair from her head, balled them up and popped them in the teacup that was now on my tray. I've also seen a woman put her baby in the hat rack and had people ask where the toilet is for US passport holders."

A driver scraped her car after trying to squeeze it through a gap smaller than the vehicle.

A video clip that has gone viral showed the driver attempting to drive her Vauxhall Corsa between two stone pillars in an attempt to get out of a car park in Gravesend in Kent.

In the footage unearthed by The Sun newspaper, the woman can be seen edging towards the gap, and even instructed the help of passers-by to direct her, and at one point in a bid to shave a few centimetres off the width of her vehicle, she pushed the wing mirrors in.

But as she attempted to drive through the gate for a final time, crunching can be heard, which prompted the passer-by to alert the driver to stop after she drifted too far across to the left, and ended up scraping her car on the exposed brick pillars.

Other witnesses found the woman's attempt amusing before she finally gets out the car and admits defeat.