Weird News


April 05, 2017

The feathers were flying in downtown Los Angeles.

Hundreds of people traded soft blows in LA's Pershing Square in a giant pillow fight that dwarfed even the biggest slumber party slugfests.

Children, teens, adults and seniors swung pillows at one another for over an hour on Saturday. The annual event is held to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day.

Many wore pyjamas, some wore masks and goggles.

By the time it was over, the ground was so covered with feathers it looked like it had snowed on a sunny April afternoon.

An American footwear company has sparked disapproval on social media over high-heeled shoes for babies.

Pee Wee Pumps says babies will be the "belle of the ball" in the shoes.

But the BBC reports that people are criticising the company amid a growing concern at what is seen as the sexualisation of children.

Company founder Michele Holbrook says the shoes are intended as a photo prop only and meant to be "funny and cute".

It's an urban myth come true the presence of a man dedicated to ridding the English city of Bristol of grammatical errors in its shop signs.

He goes out at night with a self-styled device used to cover up misplaced apostrophes from street signs in the city 120 miles (195 kilometres) west of London. He uses stickers, not paint.

The man has not been identified, but he told BBC in a report broadcast Monday that he doesn't consider his alterations to be a crime. He says the real crime is putting apostrophes in the wrong places to begin with.

It's not a new obsession he's been at it for 13 years.